Tower of Fantasy Best Teams Comps

Tower of Fantasy Best Teams Comps

Tower of Fantasy is a game where you need to know what are the best Team compositions in order to dominate in both PVP and PVE. All characters in Tower of Fantasy are unique with different stats, abilities, attacks, etc. When you are building a Tower of Fantasy team composition you have to take into consideration a few factors like what is your play style, what character you have, whether you are doing PVP or PVE content, what role you want to play, and so on. 

In this list, you will find all the best team compositions that are currently in the game. Do not forget to check out Tower of Fantasy codes to get free rewards.

Tower Fantasy Best Teams Comps

Character 1Character 2Character 3Role
NemesisSamir KingDPS
NemesisSamir MerylDPS
Crow NemesisSamir DPS
Cocco RitterSamir KingDPS
Cocco RitterCocco RitterMerylDPS
Tsubasa Samir MerylDPS
Tsubasa Samir KingDPS
NemesisCocco RitterZeroHeal
Cocco RitterZeroShiroHeal
Cocco RitterZeroKingHeal
Cocco RitterZeroMerylHeal
Tower of Fantasy Team compositions

This is a list of the best Tower of Fantasy team compositions for PVP and PVE that are currently in the game. Keep in mind that the meta and power of each character are changing with each update. It is best that you check each character and test it out on your own. By testing characters on your own you will learn how their skills work, how to counter them, and what best suits your playstyle and you will get a general knowledge about the game so you will be able to dominate.

If you are a new player, just play the game and enjoy. Do not worry too much about team compositions at the start. When you get a good amount of characters and to the end game, you can start building your team composition, until then you can use the Tower of Fantasy tier list to guide you.

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