Tower of Fantasy Character Customization and Character Customization Codes

Character Customization and Character Customization Codes

Tower of Fantasy Character Customization is one of the most important things that you will do at the beginning of the game. With Character Customization, you will be able to create a character like you want, even if you can recreate some anime character. You can do this because there are so many options when you are designing a character. You can change the shape of your body, hair, but most importantly you can change the face how you want so take your time. 

Keep in mind that in order to unlock character customization you will have to finish starting quests which means that you will have to play for some time with basic characters until you unlock character customization. 

Character Customization Codes

Character Customization Codes

When you are creating a character you will notice that there is an option to import design located in the bottom left part of your screen. This is an option where other people can send you their character design and you can use it. Also, you are able to create and send them your character design using code. This is great for players who are looking for designs of popular anime characters. 

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Now there are a few character codes available inside a game and there is a high chance that you will not like most of them. So you should go to the official game Discord, Facebook group and Reddit. There, players will post images of design with code that they created and when you find what you like or your favorite anime character all you have to do is copy the character Customization code and paste it inside a game. Now you can enjoy the game with character design that you like, also do not forget to check out Tower of Fantasy codes and Tower of Fantasy tier list that will help you out as a new player. 

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