Tower of Fantasy Gold Nucleus Guide

Tower of Fantasy Gold Nucleus Guide

Gold Nucleus is an item in Tower of Fantasy that players can open inside a game to get characters and weapons. There are a lot of characters and weapons that you can unlock so it is important to know what are all the ways to obtain Gold Nucleus. 

Exploring the World 

While playing and exploring the world in Tower of Fantasy you will come across different chests and complete different challenges which can give you a Gold Nucleus as part of the reward. Just make sure that you collect every chest that you come across and complete every puzzle that there is. Almost every puzzle will give you Gold Nucleus as a reward. 


There are a lot of different quests that you will come across when playing and they can have Gold Nucleus as part of the reward. So make sure that you give your best to complete all the quests not only because you can get Gold Nucleus but the more quests you complete the more powerful you will be. 

Battle Pass

Battle Pass tower of fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, you have a battle pass that is in 2 versions. One version is free and the other one is not. You can get a few Gold Nucleus from the free version but most of them are in the paid version. Now it is up to you to decide if it is worth it to spend on the battle pass.

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Use Dark Crystals

There is an option where you can spend Dark Crystals to get Gold Nucleus but in our opinion, it is not worth it. There are better places where you can spend dark crystals like spending it on Red Nuclein where you can get limited characters. 

Daily Bounties

There are a lot of daily bounties that you can do every day and a lot of them will have Gold Nucleus as part of the rewards. So give your best to complete every single one of them to progress faster and become stronger.

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