Tower of Fantasy Guide for New Players

Tower of Fantasy Guide for New Players

Tower of Fantasy TOF is a free-to-play MMORPG with a gacha mechanic. It is developed by Hotta Studio and it’s available on different platforms so pc and mobile gamers can play it. In Tower of Fantasy, there are so many different things that you are able to do so a beginner’s guide is important to learn what are the most important things that you have to do in the game in order to progress faster. 

Character Creation

Tower of Fantasy Character Creation

Character Creation is the most important thing that you will do at the start. Make sure that you take your time and design the character how you want. If you do not know how you want your character to look or you want to have a character from Anime you can visit the official Tower of Fantasy on Reddit and Facebook where players are posting their designs and some of them are outstanding. 

Fast Travel 

Fast travel is an important thing in Tower of Fantasy that will allow you to go from one location to another so you do not waste your time. In order to unlock fast travel, you have to explore the world first and find fast travel points. Make sure that you take every single fast travel point that you come across. Alo you have to be out of combat in order to use fast travel so if the enemy is attacking you simply run away until you lose aggro. 

Explore the World

Explore the World

World in Tower of Fantasy is big and there are many things that you can explore and collect. There are chests, cooking materials, puzzles, monsters and much more. Try to collect and do everything that you can, especially if you are a new player. Use an Interactive map while exploring the world in Tower of Fantasy. 

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Interactive Map 

Interactive maps are crucial if you want to progress faster. On interactive maps for Tower of Fantasy, you will be able to see all the locations of the gold nucleus, chest, resources and a lot more. There are a lot of interactive maps available on the internet so make sure that you use them. 

Enemy Shield

A lot of enemies in Tower of Fantasy will have a Shield that will block the damage that you are dealing. If you do not destroy them you will deal less damage which will slow you down. Also when you break an enemy shield, they will be stunned so you can go and use your combo to burst them down. 

Unstuck Option 

Tower of Fantasy is a new game and there will always be some bugs and glitches that you will come across and there is a chance that you will be stuck because of that bug. If that happens then simply go to Settings and in the Basic tab, you will see the Unstuck Option located on the right part of your screen. Simply click on it and you will get unstacked so you can continue playing the game. 

Wall Climbing Trick

The Wall Climbing trick is great that will make you climb without spending stamina. This is crucial to know if you want to move faster so you do not spend too much time climbing. In order to do that, you have to press Ctrl + Space + Space + W but you should check out on youtube how it is done. There you will get a better understanding of how to use this trick. 

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Jetpack Trick 

There is also a Jetpack Trick that you can use to cover much more distance while using a Jetpack. All you have to do is while you are using the Jetpack use dodge animation in the direction where you want to go and then use the jetpack again. If you have problems with this trick you can see how it is done on youtube. 

In-game Currencies

There are a lot of currencies in Tower of Fantasy and it is important to know how to use them. 

Energy – it is recharging over time and you will spend it to do dungeons

Black Gold- currency that is used to purchase weapons 

Dark Crystals- currency that is used to purchase Nucleus

Nucleus- There are 3 different types: Nucleus Goldm Black and Red. Most important is Red Nucleus which is used to summon limited banners. So always collect them and wait until there is a banner that you want to have. 

Enjoin the game 

The most important tip that we can give you is to enjoy the game. Explore the game, enjoy your leveling process and later when you come to the end game you can start looking at how to become a strong player and read more guides on how to improve your skill and power. So good luck and enjoy the game. 

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