How to Get Chaser Mount and Vermin Brothers Locations Guide in Tower of Fantasy

How to Get Chaser Mount and Vermin Brothers Locations Guide

Chaser is mount in the Tower of Fantasy that you can get by collecting 2 items: Magnetic Rod and Maglev Stalker. They are not that hard to get but you will need some luck on your side. In this guide, you will find information on Chaser Mount and Vermin Brothers Locations.

Magnetic Rod

Magnetic Rod Tower Of Fantasy

Magnetic Rod is one item that you need in order to get Chaser Mount. It is located at the top of the Rust Corridor near (-830, 472). So travel there and you will find it in the supply pod. Simply open supply drop and you will 100% get Magnetic Rod. 

Maglev Stalker

Maglev Stalker is an item that you will find as a drop from Vermin Brothers. Vermin Brothers are easy to destroy but the problem is that the drop chance of Maglev Stalker is extremely low so you will have to kill the Vermin Brothers a few times in order to get items. Once you get these items you will be able to use Chaser Mount. 

Vermin Brothers Locations

  • Rat’s Den – Astra
  • Anchorville – Banges
  • Loen Dock – Banges
  • North Signal Station – Banges

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