How to get Mighty Mushroom in Tower Of Fantasy

How to get Mighty Mushroom in Tower Of Fantasy

Mighty Mushrooms are important in Tower Of Fantasy because they will increase your stamina which is crucial and on top of that, they are required in order to complete the Traveler’s Log Chapter 2 mission. So we will show you what are the best ways to get Mighty Mushroom in Tower Of Fantasy.

Mighty Mushroom from Achievement Points

Mighty Mushroom is a part of the rewards in Achievement Points. In order to get Mighty Mushroom, you will have to get 250 achievement points which is a relatively easy thing to do. If you do not have enough points you can check what achievement you can complete to earn points. 

You can access the achievements tab by going to the terminal and there you will see the achievements option. Once you collect 250 achievement points you will be able to collect Mighty Mushrooms. 

Mighty Mushroom from Exploration Rewards

How to get Mighty Mushroom in Tower Of Fantasy

When you tap on the map and click on the Astra zone you will see that Mighty Mushroom is a part of the rewards for exploration. Now to get Mighty Mushroom from exploration in Astra you will need 965 points which are not that hard to get. To increase exploration points you have to complete side questions and loot boxes, supply pots, and complete puzzles.

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If you need additional Mighty Mushrooms you can complete exploration in other zones. You can check the list down below to see the number of points that you need in order to get it. 

  • Warren- 750 Exploration Points
  • Crown- 765 Exploration Points
  • Navia- 905 Exploration Points
  • Astra- 965 Exploration Points
  • Banges- 1095 Exploration Points

How to increase stamina with Mighty Mushroom 

To increase stamina with Mighty Mushroom you have to navigate to your backpack and there you will see Mighty Mushroom. All you have to do is click on it and select use. Once you use it your stamina will be increased by 5 permanently. So make sure that you use it because stamina is important for both PVP and PVE.

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