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Tower of Fantasy is an MMO and one of the most important aspects to know how strong you are is how much damage you can deal. Damage is important in both PVP and PVE parts of the game and if you do not deal enough damage that will drastically slow down your progression. So it is important to know what is the best way to increase your damage in Tower Of Fantasy. 

Upgrade your Weapons

Upgrade your Weapons

Upgrading your weapons is the most important thing that you will do in order to deal more damage. By upgrading your weapons you will not only increase damage but you will also increase health so make sure that you upgrade your weapons as much as you can.

To upgrade weapons you will have to collect some items but they are not that hard to get. Simply click on items that you need and that game will tell you where you can get them. Also, use interactive maps that have all locations where you will 100% find the items that you are looking for. Also, check out Tower of Fantasy Weapons Tier List so you can know what are the best weapons in the game. 

Use Matrices

Tower of Fantasy Matrices

Matrices are things that most new players do not know about but they are super important in Tower Of Fantasy. Basically, you will equip Matrices on weapons by clicking on the Affix button and you will get additional stats and bonuses that will increase your damage. Keep in mind that there are different rarities of Matrices and they can give you different bonuses.

So it is important that for example on DPS weapons you want to use Matrices that have an attack bonus so you can get great synergy. Also, keep in mind that each one of the Matrices can be upgraded to make sure that you do that also. Each upgrade will increase the amount of stat that you will get. You can find the Matrices section in the weapon tabs.  


Equipment is also one of the things that you have to get and equip in order to deal more damage and get other additional stats. There are different rarities of the weapons but your main goal with equipment is to use equipment that has a critical damage bonus on it. The best way to get equipment in Tower Of Fantasy is that you can complete ruins and joint operations. Not only will you get equipment from ruins and joint operations but you will also get other valuable rewards and items that you can use to upgrade weapons and Matrices.

Upgrade Suppressors

Upgrade Suppressors

Suppressors are one more thing that a lot of players are ignoring but they can increase your damage drastically. Basically, Suppressors are the global buff that your character is getting. Each time you upgrade Suppressors you will get additional buffs in attack and critical damage that will increase your damage but you will also get a boost in HP and Resistance which is great. Also, there are a lot of rewards that you can get from Suppressors like Matrices. 

In order to upgrade Suppressors, you will need items called Potent Omnium crystals. You can get Potent Omnium crystals by completing Ruins, Exploration Rewards and by completing daily challenges.

Additional Ways to increase your damage in Tower Of Fantasy

Daily Mi-a Kitchen – In the Kitchen, an NPC called Mi-a will cook you some food and with that food you will get some decent buffs that will increase your damage. On top of that, you will get experience and other great rewards for free. 

Relics- There are a lot of different relics that will increase your damage. So go to the relic tab and see what relic is increasing damage and is best suited for your character. One good example is the strange cube that is great for new players. 

Cooking and Food- there are a lot of different foods that you can cook and a lot of them will give you bonus damage once you consume them. So make sure that you check out the Tower of Fantasy Cooking Guide where you will see a list of all recipes that will give you bonus damage.

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