Tower of Fantasy Leveling Guide

Tower of Fantasy Leveling Guide

As a new player, you will spend some time leveling your character in Tower of Fantasy. The leveling system in Tower of Fantasy is called Wanderer Level and there are a lot of ways to get EXP to increase level but the best way to get level is by completing Quests. Be careful not to overdo it because there is a Daily level Cap and once you hit it, all experience that you get will go to waste. 

Level Cap 

First and most important thing about leveling that you have to know is that there is a Daily Level Cap in Tower of Fantasy. This means that you are limited on how many levels you can get per day. Every day the level cap is reset and you can continue with your leveling. Most important thing you have to know is that the experience that you get after hitting the daily level cap will go to waste. You can only collect 1 level worth of experience and it will be transferred to the next day. So you should stop leveling when you hit the daily level cap. 

Complete Quests

Most of the experience in Tower of Fantasy you will get from completing quests. There are 2 different types: Main Quests and Side Quests. You can see what quests by going to the Mission screen. There is no special boost that you can get to increase the amount of experience that you will get from a mission, just make sure that you don’t skip any quest. 

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Daily Bounty 

tower-of-fantasy-Daily Bounty

Daily Bounty is a great way to get a lot of experience. In order to get Daily bounties, you have to hit level 15 first. Daily Bounties with experience will also give you some great rewards that will make your character more powerful. So make sure that you are doing them daily. 


Tower of Fantasy Kitchen

In Kitchen, you will find MI-A that will cook you some consumables that will give you buffs. By doing this you will get a good amount of experience. So make sure that you visit Kitchen every day for a free experience. 


Ruins will give you some experience that will help you out with leveling, but you have to complete them because there are other great items that you will get. 

Collect Chest and Supply Pods- There are a lot of chests and Supply Pods that you can collect while exploring the world. Make sure that you collect them not only because you will get a decent amount of experience but you will get other valuable rewards.

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