Tower of Fantasy Red Nucleus Guide – How to get Red Nucleus

Tower of Fantasy Red Nucleus Guide

Red Nucleus is a premium gacha currency in Tower of Fantasy that you can use to get premium characters and weapons. Red Nucleus is the most valuable type of Nucleus that you will find in Tower of Fantasy because they are the only way to get time-limited characters. 

The chance to get a limited character from Red Nucleus is extremely low but it is guaranteed that you will get a limited character after you open 80 Red Nucleus. It is important that you get as many of them before the time-limited character gets removed from the offer. 

How to get Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

How to get Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy 1

You can get Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy from special events and purchase it with dark crystals. You will get a decent amount from events but that will not be enough to get time-limited characters so you will have to spend dark crystals

They are free to play and pay to win when it comes to obtaining dark crystals that you will use to purchase Red Nucleus. The free-to-play way is to complete quests, achievements, events, etc. It will give you a decent amount of dark crystals that you can use. Sadly, the most efficient way to get dark crystals is by spending money inside a shop.

That is why this game is pay-to-win. There are many different bundles and packs that you can purchase and they will give you a good amount of dark crystals, some of them will give you an additional Red Nucleus. 

With time you will get some decent characters and weapons from Red Nucleus so we do not recommend you spend money on the game. So if you are free to play player make sure that you are farming dark crystals as much as you can. Also do not forget to use all Tower of Fantasy codes where you can get dark crystals and Red Nucleus, also use Tower of Fantasy tier list so you can know what weapons are the best. 

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