Warcraft Rumble Best Talents July 2024

Warcraft Rumble Best Talents

Talents are one of the most important things that you have to choose for your units and leaders in Warcraft Rumble. Each leader and unit has 3 different talents that you can choose from. Each talent is unique, and choosing the right talent will drastically boost your performance.

For example, an average unit with the right talent will perform better than a good unit with the wrong talent. An additional problem with talents in Warcraft Rumble is that if you pick the wrong one, you will have to collect 10 stars to unlock the second slot and 25 to unlock the third slot which is a lot of work especially if you are free to play as a player.

So make sure that you look down below to see where you will find the best talent for each leader and unit, so you can have the best talent from the start.

Each Warcraft Rumble talent costs 250 gold, and to unlock talent slots, you will need:

  • Talent 1: 4 stars – 360 gold
  • Talent 2: 10 stars – 900 gold
  • Talent 3: 25 stars – 2250 gold

If you need additional help and have questions about talent build, feel free to ask in the commander section. Also, do not forget to check out the Warcraft Rumble tier list and check out the best leaders list.

Warcraft Rumble Best Talents List

Unit Name Best Talent
QuilboarTunnel Vision: Deploy much more quickly.
Whelp EggsWhelp Eggs: Damage nearby enemies when hatching.
PyromancerConflagrate: Splash area is doubled.
HuntressElven Might: Deal 50% additional damage to the initial target.
BlizzardWing Buffet: Increases move speed by 33%.
HarpiesInfectious Swipes: Gain Poison.
Earth ElementalObsidian Shard: On death, split into two smaller Earth Elementals.
Defias BanditsPick Lock: Earn an extra +2 Gold when opening chests.
Stonehoof TaurenMomentum: After connecting a charge, immediately charge a second time if possible.
S.A.F.E. PilotGnomish Cloaking Device: Deploy from the explosion with Stealth and Ambush.
Deep BreathMelting Point: Damaging Armored enemies removes their Armor.
DrakeMother Drake: Periodically summon a Whelp Egg.
Frostwolf ShamanEarth Shield: Grant Armored to a nearby ally. Ability has 1 charge.
GargoyleWing Buffet: Increases move speed by 33%.
GhoulBone Shield: Cannibalizing grants Armored for 10 seconds.
Gryphon RiderAir Drop: Periodically drop a potion, Leveling Up the first ally to touch it.
NecromancerJeweled Skulls: Summon Skeletal Mages instead of Skeletons.
AbominationCannonball: On deploy and at 50% health, stun nearby enemies for 5 seconds.
BansheeWill of the Necropolis Gears: Fully Heal the possessed target.
Bat RiderEnchanted Vials: Increase the size of the flaming pool by 30%.
Chain LightningBrilliant Flash: On deploy, Stun enemies within for 1 second.
Core HoundsEternal Bond: Resurrection range is unlimited.
Darkspear TrollDarkspear Troll: Big Bad Voodoo
ExecuteBloodthirsty: Bloodlust allies within spell area for 10 seconds.
FirehammerBlazing Speed: Fury builds up to 40% higher.
FlamewakerEngulf: Burn enemies.
Gnoll BruteRabid: Reduce deploy cost by 1 and gain the Cycle trait.
Goblin SapperRocket Powered Turbo Boots: Move twice as fast and gain the Fast trait.
Harvest GolemTrojan Chickens: On death, spawn 4 Angry Chickens.
Holy NovaInner Fire: Affected allies gain Armored and Resist for 5 seconds.
Meat WagonFilet Trebuchet: Increase Bombard Range by +2.
Murloc TidehuntersSafety Bubble: Deploy with a bubble that blocks the first attack.
ProwlerPack Leader: Grants nearby Beast allies 30% additional Damage.
Skeleton Party5-Man: Summons a Skeleton Tank, Rogue, Priest, and 2 Mages.
SkeletonsExhume: If deployed near a Tower or Meeting Stone, deploy +2 additional Skeletons.
Warsong RaiderRazing Focus: Become a Siege unit, ignoring troops.
WorgenPremeditation: Increase Ambush damage by 50%.
Dark Iron MinerDark Iron Armaments: After Mining, gain Armored.
Fire ElementalImmolation Aura: Periodically Damage nearby enemies.
FootmenFortification: Gain 30% extra emtpy Health.
Ogre MageFrostfire Bolt: Gain Frost.
PolymorphGolden Fleece: One sheep becomes golden. Killing it grants +1 gold.
Smoke BombReverberation: Affected minis Move 50% faster until unstealthed.
SpiderlingsEnvenom: Deal twice as much Poison damage.
Cheat DeathVampirism: Affected minis are Healed when dealing damage.
VulturesMigration: All additional Vultures spawn at your base.
Warsong GruntsCommand: Nearby Beast allies deal 30% additional Damage.
RaptorsStrength In Numbers: Deal 10% more damage for each other Raptor nearby.
Angry ChickensWalking Crate: Deploy in a protective crate. When destroyed, Chickens emerge.
Plague FarmerSplashing Pumpkins: Increase Range by+1 and double the Splash area.
MountaineerIntimidation: Bear gains Taunt.
Molten GiantBlood Of The Mountain: On death, explode, Damaging nearby enemies.
Arcane BlastAmplification: Sequential taps increase radius by 1.
Living BombChain Reaction: Splash damage inflicts Living Bomb.
Baron RivendareChill Of The Grave: Summon Skeletal Mages instead of Warriors.
Tirion FordringDivine Shield: Gain a magical shield at 30% health, absorbing all damage for 5 seconds.
HoggerHam Hock: Hogger also gains +10% max health each time he is played.
Rend BlackhandScale and Steel: Gain Resistant while flying and Armored while dismounted.
Grommash HellscreamSavage Strikes: Deal double damage to enemies who are below 50% health.
Cairne BloodhoofReincarnation: After death, Resurrect at 50% health, once.
SneedLead With Greed: Gain an additional +2 Gold when Sneed triggers Sneed Before Greed.
General DrakkisathChromatic Scales: Grants nearby allies the Resistant trait.
Sylvanas WindrunnerBlack Arrow: Pierce through enemies in a line, dealing Elemental damage.

Old Murk-EyeMarathon Of The Murlocs: March of the Murlocs lasts an additional 5 seconds longer after deploying.
Maiev ShadowsongEnveloping Shadows: Cast Smoke Bomb on deploy, Stealthing nearby allies.
Jaina ProudmooreClearcasting: Spells cost 1 less (but no less than 1) if played immediately after Jaina.
Bloodmage ThalnosDrain Life: Gain Lifesteal.
Charlga RazorflankCavernous Mists: Deploy cost reduced by 1.

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