Warcraft Rumble Leveling Guide: How to Level Up Fast

Warcraft Rumble Leveling Guide How to Level Up Fast

Jumping into Warcraft Rumble and want to level up quick? This guide’s gonna show you how to get ahead fast. Let’s get into how you can boost your leveling, so you’re not left in the dust.

Understanding the Experience Points (XP) System in Warcraft Rumble

Leveling up in Warcraft Rumble? It’s pretty straightforward. You start needing just 2 XP for level 2 but then need a crazy 200,000 XP to hit level 20. Your Minis usually max out at level 20, but PVE stuff can push them up to 30 with extra levels from things like army slots and rarity boosts. Even a level 12 mini can punch above its weight in the level 16 campaign battles if you’ve upgraded it right. Your collection level, which goes up when you add new Minis or make them rarer, also boosts your XP gain.

Army and Mini Leveling Strategies

Army and Mini Leveling Strategies

If you’re focusing on leveling a specific Mini, say a Fire Elemental at level 10, quests are the way to go. They give you steady XP unlike the gamble of PVP battles. Set up your army with a leader and five other Minis, making sure they’re all a higher level than the one you want to level up.

And remember, a Mini’s progress within its level doesn’t change how much XP it gets from quests, so plan accordingly. Your army needs to have fought at least once before you start questing. Also, the extra stuff like rarity or talents doesn’t affect quest appearances, good to know for setting up your team.

Methods of XP Accumulation

There’s a bunch of ways to rack up XP in Warcraft Rumble. Daily Rewards, Daily Quests where you can do up to 20 a day and stack 300, PVP Battles where wins give more XP, and the Heroic Campaign with its big XP rewards. Don’t forget about Free Daily Gifts and XP you can buy in the Shop, though growing your collection often gives a better XP bump. The Arclight Booster is a solid pick too, boosting your XP by 20% and giving you extra gold.

Daily Quest Mechanics

Every day, you get three quests in Warcraft Rumble, each with its own rewards. One quest always involves your army’s lowest-level Mini, another picks a different army Mini, and the third is a wild card from your whole collection. If the Fire Elemental isn’t your lowest-level Mini, it still shows up in quests a lot, something to remember if you’re focusing on leveling it.

Engagement and Investment in Warcraft Rumble

Putting time and resources into Warcraft Rumble isn’t just for kicks; it’s about smart leveling strategies and making every move count. Whether it’s how you build your army, which quests you take on, or how you spend in the Shop, it all adds up to your progress. Follow these tips, and you’ll not only level up fast but do it with a plan, making your time in Warcraft Rumble both fun and rewarding.

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