What Is and How to Get the Big Red Button in Warcraft Rumble

What Is and How to Get the Big Red Button in Warcraft Rumble

In Warcraft Rumble, there’s this thing called the Big Red Button, and it’s pretty key if you wanna spice things up in your game. Its main job is to give the G.R.I.D. a makeover, which is this important place in the game where you get leaders, these little dudes called minis, and other stuff to make your army stronger, all with the game money.

How To Use the Big Red Button

So, to use this Big Red Button, you gotta know where it is and what it does. It’s right under the G.R.I.D., and there’s this option called “Recycle Grid” that lets you mix things up in the store. Here’s how it goes:

  • Go to the store in the game.
  • Find the “Recycle Grid” button under the G.R.I.D.
  • Hit “Do it!” to start the refresh.

When you push that button, it shakes things up in the grid, swapping old stuff for new and showing how many Big Red Buttons you’ve got left. It’s a solid move if you’re trying to grow your collection, get better minis, or snag some new skills. Beats waiting for the grid to reset on its own.

How to Get Big Red Buttons

How to Get Big Red Buttons

Getting your hands on Big Red Buttons is its own kind of quest. You can bag them by:

  • Knocking out certain missions.
  • Jumping on daily freebies in the store.
  • Completing daily quests.
  • Getting further in the campaign.

You can also get them from daily rewards or when you level up your collection, thanks to the game’s luck of the draw. Keeping track of how many you’ve got is easy – just tap the gold symbol at the top right in the game, or check out the Recycle Grid section in the store.

If you’re really into Warcraft Rumble, it’s smart to keep some Big Red Buttons saved up. The game’s still pretty fresh, so having a stash is good for when new stuff drops or the store gets new things you didn’t see coming. The Big Red Button is more than just a feature; it’s about being ready to switch up your game plan and make the most of Warcraft Rumble. Getting to know how it works and how to get more can really kick your strategy up a notch.

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