Warpath Air Force Guide

Warpath Air Force

Air Force is a unit type in the Warpath game that was introduced in patch 3.0. Before the air force was introduced they were only ground units like tanks and infantry. Now this new type of unit will bring unique gameplay and strategy. Remember to use all warpath redeem codes and to check the Warpath tier list to see which officers and units are the most powerful.

How to use Air Force

The Air Force in Warpath is relatively easy to operate and control. This is great simply because you already had 5 units that you can operate and adding 3 more units will be hard to do. The Air Force is not complicated to use and control. All you have to do is command them here to attack and there is no control like with ground units where you have to commander them all the time. 

Fighter planes have a gourd area around the place where you send them. They will protect your bombers and attack the enemy air force.

Bombers- to operate bombers all you have to do is select a place where you want to drop bombs and bombers will do the job automatically. By default, all bombers will attack and drop bombs 4 times then go back to base. After that you can send them back to action. 

Obtaining Air Force units in Warpath 

There are a few ways to obtain air force units in Warpath . There are events that will give you some air force units but the best way is with coupons. It can be hard at the start but with time you will be able to accumulate a lot of air force units that you can combine itro higher star air force units. You just have to be patient and active. 

Amount of air force units that you can have on the battlefield in Warpath depends on the amount of hangers that you have and their level. In total you can build 3 hangers where your air force units will be stationary. First hanger you can build an airfield at level 2, second hanger at 14 and third hanger at level 22. So work on the airfield as much as you can if you want to have a maximum number of airfield units. 

When it comes to Upgrading air force units, it is the same as upgrading ground units. You will have to get experience, parts, materials

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