Grand Showdown Event Warpath Guide


Grand Showdown is an event in warpath where players from 2 cities will compete to win great rewards. Duration of the Grand Showdown is 7 days and each day is a different task. In total there are 7 different stages that players will do to earn points and rewards. 

At the end of each day 20 players with the highest score will receive rewards. After 7 days if your city wins you and all players will receive rewards and top 50 players will receive additional rewards including legendary officers. If you do not know what officer is best you can always check out the warpath tier list for more information.

To win the Grand Showdown event your city must win 4 rounds. Each stage is calculated by total points of players. If your city has more points then other cities you will win that round. Same works for each stage.

Top spots are usually taken by players who are spending money so if you are free to play you must plan and collect speedups, resources if you are planning to take place in top 10 spots. 

You want to do stages at the same time when you have a Jurisdiction event. So if you are researching you want to have a jurisdiction event that will reward you for researching. You can get some free stuff from warpath redeem codes that will help you to win the Grand Showdown event so check them out.

Grand Showdown Stages

Grand Showdown in Warpath has 7 stages and they are: 

  1. Resources collection
  2. Building Queue 
  3. Scientific Breakthrough 
  4. Recruiting Drive 
  5. Base Construction 
  6. Full Speed Ahead 
  7. Universal Progress

We can see that this Grand Showdown in Warpath is a long event and you have to prepare for it if you are planning to win. 

If you are free to play, it will take you months to prepare if you are planning to win because of pay to win players. You will have to save all your resources, rush, materials ,coupons.  Even when you are ready to go all in, there is a chance that you will not be in the top 10 spots.

Resources collection


In this stage all you have to do is collect resources. There are a few tricks that you must know. 

  1. Collect resources before events so when your collection convoys come back you will have a nice head start. 
  2. Unlock all collections Convoy. If you are a new player you will have only 3 but you can have 5 if you upgrade your technology. So if you do not have all 5, you will have a hard time competing with other players. 
  3. Collect resources on alliance territory. This is very important because alliance territory will give you a bonus of 25% collection speed. This will make a huge difference.
  4. Be active. If you are planning to earn a lot of points you must be active and do not let your collection convoys idle in base. 
  • Collect 100 Steel – 1 point 
  • Collect 100 Military Funds- 1 point 
  • Collect 100 Crude oil- 1 point 

Building Queue

Well this one is simple. You have to upgrade your building to earn points. To prepare for this event you have to save all your material and resources for upgrading. When this stage starts you can go all in and upgrade all your buildings. This is why you have to start preparing months before Grand Showdown event starts in Warpath if you are free to play. 

  • Earn 1 Building power- 10 Points 
  • Use 1 minute production rush- 15 Points

Scientific Breakthrough

In this stage, all you will do is research technology. Now I would not recommend you to rush this so much if you are a new player. You want to spend your rush until you upgrade your research center and technology that will give you a research speed bonus. It is better to spend speedups when you have 50% bonus speed, not 10%. It will save you so much time in the long run and you will be able to max all your technology faster. 

  • Earn 1 Tech Power point- 10 Points
  • Use 1 minute Research rush- 15 Points 

Recruiting Drive

Recruiting Drive

In this stage you will use Coupons and Components to earn points. This one is hard and you will have to save a lot if you are planning to win top spots. Also you want to increase your VIP level on 9 so you can receive 3 coupons each day. With time you will accumulate a lot of them. 

  • Obtain a 4 star unit- 5000 points
  • Obtain a 5 star unit- 45000 Points

Base Construction Full Speed Ahead Universal Progress

These stages are similar to first 3 but you will earn less points so it is important to go spend all you have in first 4 stages to earn more points. 

Base Construction

  • Earn 1 Building Power point- 10 pints 
  • Earn 1 Research Power point- 10 points

Full Speed Ahead

  • Use 1 minute Research rush- 15 Points 
  • Use 1 minute production rush- 15 Points

Universal Progress

  • Earn 1 Building Power point- 10 pints 
  • Earn 1 Research Power point- 10 points

Try to play Warpath on PC, it will be easier for you to fight and give you a higher chance to win the Grand Showdown Warpath Event.

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