Jumper account Warpath Guide


Jumper account is Warpath is when you play on one server for a few days then you jump/migrate to another newly opened server. This method is giving players a huge advantage at the start. You will have commanders, troops, and buildings while new players will be still level 1.

Most players will jump with a team of players so they can dominate and create a strong alliance on that server. It is all possible because of an item called Starter Pass. But be careful because the item will laser only 10 days or till you hit level 11.

So basically you will build your city for 9 days and when you jump to a new kingdom you will be 9 days ahead of everyone. In those 9 days of preparation, you will scout, map, and collect every single chest on the map, destroy ravens, do campaigns, etc.

In this jumper guide for warpath, you will learn everything you will get basic information on how to get most in 9 days and what are advantages and disadvantages of jumper accounts in warpath.

It is recommended that you use redeem codes and plan which best officers and units in warpath you will use before jumping onto a new server.

Advantages of Jumper account in Warpath

  • Research- You will have 9 days of research. This is huge when you compare it to newly created accounts.
  • Officers- well, you will do officers’ missions for 9 days and with that, you will increase levels of your officers and on top of that, you will receive additional rewards.
  • Buildings- you will have buildings on a level 8 to10. You do not want to go more than level 10 so you do not increase your city level over 11. Be careful with this.
  • 9 days of farming ravens and raven bunkers
  • 9 days of rewards, items, rush, and VIP
  • 9 days of collecting rewards from campaigns
  • It will be easier to dominate on server
  • Higher total power so you will be able to join the top alliance on the server and airlift next to them so other players do not attack you.

How to create a Jumper account in Warpath

How to create a Jumper account in Warpath

Jumper account is relatively easy to create on the warpath. First, you must choose the server and city where you want to start your preparations. The best thing is to choose a server with low activity so you do not get attacked by other players.

Tasks that you will do when you create a jumper account

Join alliance- when you join an alliance you will unlock some benefits and it will help you a lot. First thing is that you will have access to technology but the most important thing that you will get is alliance gifts. In this alliance, you can receive speedups, resources, VIP, and gold.

Do campaigns– push your expedition as much you can. Campaigns are one of the most important things in warpath for upgrading your units. So the higher the expedition level you are, the more points you will receive in 9 days of preparation.
Destroy ravens- destroying ravens is important so you can collect materials for upgrading buildings. It would be better to find someone to help you destroy raven bunkers so you can get speedups that you can save and use on a new server.
Collet resources collecting resources is important so you can upgrade your buildings and technology.

Never use your resources items- this is very important. You will need all your resources when you jump on a new server.

Scout map and collect all rewards- this is important. There are a lot of rewards that you can collect on a map. In total, you can get 40k gold and with that, you can increase your VIP levels. When you jump you have everything collected while new players will need some time to collect everything. Also, you will get resources and materials.

Increase VIP– increasing VIP on level 4 will give you a free universal card that you can use for summoning units and creating best troops in warpath.

Upgrade your buildings- your buildings on levels 8-9. You must check your commander level in profile so you do not go over level 11 or you will not be able to jump on a new server.

Link your account- this is important so you do not lose your progress. Simply navigate to command settings and there you will see an option to link your account to your mail.

Most important is to stay active and for a better jumping experience try to find a team of people who are jumping.

Group of people who are jumping

This will help you a lot. When you jump in a group you will have a huge advantage on the server and you will be able to create a powerful alliance that will take all buildings.

Also, everyone will be afraid to attack you if you are from the strongest alliance server. Jumper group is also great for sharing information and tips, also you will not lose your motivation.

Now you are wondering where you can find these jumper groups. Simply go on official Reddit, Discord, and Facebook group and there you will see the post from other people who are jumping on creating jumping groups

When to jump on a new server

Well, you want to stay on the progress server as much as you can so you get most of it. If you find that a new server is opened, feel free to jump no matter if you jump 2 days before the start. It is better to fins jumper group where people who are organizations will take care of it

Also, you will not lose any progress that you made on your jumper account. Just make sure that you have linked your account. A lot of people who are creating jumper accounts are using Warpath on PC for better organization and a nice start.

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