How to Get Endura Carrots in Tears of the Kingdom

How to Get Endura Carrots in Tears of the Kingdom

In the enchanting world of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK), Endura Carrots are a sought-after commodity due to their remarkable ability to boost stamina. The allure of these magical carrots is irresistible to players striving to venture deeper into the wilderness of Hyrule. But how do you get Endura Carrots? Let’s explore.

While they might seem elusive, there are actually several ways you can get your hands on Endura Carrots in TotK. Firstly, keep your eyes open for the ethereal cherry blossom trees gracing the Hyrule landscape. As these magnificent trees boast gorgeous pink petals, they’re hard to miss. But, more importantly, at the base of each cherry blossom tree is a guaranteed spawn of the coveted Endura Carrot. All it takes is a keen eye and a swift hand to pluck it.

Endura Carrots Location

In addition, another spot brimming with these stamina-boosting wonders is the legendary Satori Mountain. This grand peak, located in Central Hyrule, north of Rutile Lake, and just left of Sonapan Shrine, is not just a visual treat, but also home to a beautiful cherry blossom tree. The tree at the mountain’s summit, more often than not, has between three and five Endura Carrots eagerly waiting to be picked.

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But what if you’re not an adventurer and prefer a more hands-on approach? Well, TotK has you covered. Complete all the side quests of the Hateno Village school, and you’ll earn your own plot of land for farming. Here, you can sow your Endura Carrots and watch them grow over a span of two days.

Quest rewards also offer a chance to get Endura Carrots. For instance, a brief interaction with Aya at the South Akkala Stable initiates a side quest titled The Gathering Pirates. Help Aya by dealing with a monster-infested ship at the foot of the hill, and in return, she’ll reward your bravery with a juicy Endura Carrot.

How to Use Endura Carrots

Now that you have your precious Endura Carrots, let’s delve into their diverse uses in TotK. One of the simplest ways to use Endura Carrots is to consume them raw, which conveniently restores two hearts. But their true potential lies in their ability to boost Link’s stamina beyond its usual limit when added into a meal.

There are multiple recipes available in TotK where the inclusion of Endura Carrots can result in extra stamina wheels for Link. These temporary stamina wheels are marked in yellow, symbolizing their fleeting yet vital addition to Link’s stamina. It provides an essential advantage during arduous quests and combats, making Endura Carrots an indispensable resource for the players.

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Interestingly, Endura Carrots have a fan beyond Link. Malanya, the horse god, has a particular fondness for these radiant roots. Giving an Endura Carrot to Malanya, located in Akkala between Tumlea Heights and Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, can revive a horse’s life or even modify its stats, depending on the specific meal you provide.

In the world of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Endura Carrots are a real game-changer. Whether you find them nestled beneath a cherry blossom tree, grow them on your farm, or earn them as a quest reward, these magical roots are worth the effort. Knowing how to get Endura Carrots and how best to utilize them is crucial for your TotK journey.

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