How To Get More Batteries in Tears of the Kingdom (Energy Cell)

How To Get More Batteries in Tears of the Kingdom (Energy Cell)

In the immersive gaming world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, managing your Energy Cells, or batteries, is key to powering your vehicles and machines and keeping you in the game.

Enhancing your batteries’ capacity isn’t a simple task but involves the strategic collection and use of a special resource known as Crystallized Charges. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process, helping you navigate your way to the mastery of Energy Cell management.

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Getting Crystalized Charges

Crystallized Charges, the essence of your Energy Cell enhancement, act as a unique form of in-game currency. Upgrading your battery power requires you to gather a hundred of these Crystallized Charges. The magic lies in their unique ability to be converted into Energy Wells, a crucial component for each power ‘battery’. Their scarcity adds a level of intrigue to the game, making them valuable collectibles.

The journey to collecting Crystallized Charges can take different paths. Conquering formidable bosses like Flux Constructs, exploring abandoned mines deep in the Depths, purchasing them from the enigmatic Steward Constructs in forges also located in the Depths, and stumbling upon them in chests in Yiga outposts are all ways to amass these gems. The Depths prove to be a treasure trove for Crystallized Charges and the secret to their abundance lies in the ore named Zoneite.

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Zoneite mining, often carried out by creatures such as Boca blinds and moblins, provides an alternative pathway to obtaining Crystallized Charges. A valuable resource, Zoneite ore can be transmuted into Crystallized Charges, adding another layer of strategy to Tears of the Kingdom.

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Crystal Refinery

Crystal Refinery

Situated north of Lookout Landing on the Great Sky Island, you’ll find the Crystal Refinery, a hub of magical transformation. Here, the stoic Steward Construct converts your hard-earned Crystallized Charges into Energy Wells, powerful battery upgrades that can prolong the life of your Energy Cells.

In the refinery, one hundred Crystallized Charges are transmuted into a single Energy Well, a potent form of power that gives your battery capacity a significant boost. Each Energy Cell, or ‘battery,’ comprises three Energy Wells, increasing the capacity of your Energy Cells significantly.

High up on the Great Sky Island, you’ll find a special Forge Construct, a place where Zoneite takes on a new life. Here, Zoneite can be traded at a ratio of three Zone Knights for a single Crystallized Charge, providing another avenue to increase your battery power in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Zonai Charges and Temporary Battery Boost

While Crystallized Charges form the bedrock of Energy Cell enhancement, Zonai Charges serve as a temporary booster to your battery power. Although consuming them provides a momentary energy surge beyond your Energy Cell’s capacity, it’s worth noting that these charges vanish after consumption, meaning strategic use of Zonai Charges can make or break your gameplay.

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Increasing Energy Cell Capacity

Now that you’ve gathered Crystallized Charges and understood their worth, it’s time to head to the Crystal Refinery. The Steward Construct there will take your Crystallized Charges, one hundred per Energy Well, and convert them to increase your Energy Cell’s capacity. Remember, greater battery power means extended exploration and adventure in the captivating world of Tears of the Kingdom.

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