How to upgrade armor in Tears of the Kingdom

How to upgrade armor in Tears of the Kingdom

Are you immersing yourself in the lush fantasy world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? As you journey through the game, you’ll come across a wide range of armors. Upgrading these armors is a significant part of the game that enhances your gameplay experience.

The process of armor upgrade in Zelda might seem a bit complex, but with a proper understanding, you’ll find it quite straightforward and rewarding. This guide walks you through the process of how to upgrade armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom effectively and efficiently.

How to upgrade armor

In the vast universe of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the ability to upgrade armor is granted by enchanting beings known as the Great Fairies. These magical beings inhabit several Great Fairy Fountains spread across the Kingdom. To unlock armor upgrades, you need to find these Great Fairies. The side quests involving The Stable Trotters musical troupe will guide you to them.

Unlocking each fountain uncovers a new tier of armor upgrade. However, simply finding a Great Fairy isn’t enough. To upgrade your armor, you need to gather specific materials and have enough rupees in your possession. The requirement of these elements varies depending on the armor type you want to upgrade. You initiate the upgrade process by interacting with the Great Fairy, which opens up a menu displaying all the armors in your inventory.

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In this menu, you’ll notice some armors are highlighted, signaling their eligibility for an upgrade. To upgrade armor in Zelda, you must select an armor piece from this list. After selection, you’ll receive information about the materials and rupees needed for the upgrade. An armor piece that isn’t highlighted signifies either a lack of necessary materials or its ineligibility for upgrades.

Benefits of Upgrading Armor

Upgrading armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom doesn’t merely boost the defense stats of the armor pieces, but it also triggers a slew of other advantages. A key benefit is the activation of armor set bonuses. This bonus springs into action when all pieces of a set are upgraded twice, making it worth the investment to unlock at least two Great Fairies.

These set bonuses add another layer to the gameplay, enhancing your character’s performance in various situations. Also, remember that elixirs can be used to temporarily increase defense stats even further, complementing your upgraded armor. However, it’s worth noting that not all items of clothing or gear can be upgraded. For instance, the starter clothing from the Great Sky Island is ineligible for enhancement.

Armor upgrades play a significant role in shaping your journey through Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Knowing when and how to upgrade your armor effectively is crucial to mastering the game. The strategic utilization of Shrines located near the Great Fairy Fountain locations for fast travel, for instance, will make your visits to the Great Fairies more convenient, ensuring that your armor is always at its peak performance.

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In the enchanting realm of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, armor upgrades are your ticket to a more robust defense and a richer gaming experience. Unlocking the magic of the Great Fairies and mastering the armor upgrade process is a rewarding adventure in its own right, adding depth and strategy to your quest. So get out there, gather your materials, find those Great Fairies, and see how much stronger you can become.

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