Josip Vučković

Josip has spent the majority of his life playing games. He started gaming on the PlayStation 1 and then switched to PC gaming, where he spent endless hours playing Dota and the Age of Empires series. He loves to write and research games that he plays.

How To Get More FPS In Roblox

How To Get More FPS In Roblox

When you’re diving into the expansive universe of Roblox, ensuring your gameplay runs smoothly is paramount. This smoothness is often measured in FPS or Frames Per Second. It serves as a significant benchmark to gauge the game’s performance on your device. The more FPS you have, the better your Roblox experience will be. Let’s delve […]

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The Forest Best Weapons

The Forest Best Weapons 2024

The Forest has many different weapons that can be used when running in this horror-based video game. To survive, we have put together some of The Forest Best Weapons that users have ranked across the gaming community and from our experience as gamers.  We always ensure that each best-ranked list of weapons is for your

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