How to Show FPS in Diablo 4

How to Show FPS in Diablo 4

If you’re on a quest to conquer Lilith’s forces in Diablo 4, keeping a keen eye on your game’s performance is crucial. One key indicator is the frame rate, often referred to as FPS (Frames Per Second). In the gaming world, understanding how to display your FPS in Diablo 4 is instrumental for an optimized and comfortable gaming experience.

Show FPS in Diablo 4 Shortcut

A useful feature within Diablo 4 is the ability to conveniently display your FPS counter using a simple keyboard shortcut – CTRL+R. Once initiated, the FPS counter materializes at the bottom-left corner of your screen, giving you real-time feedback on your game’s performance.

But the utility of this shortcut doesn’t stop at showing FPS. A second press of CTRL+R switches the display to your network latency counter, providing additional information about your connection. However, if you want to immerse yourself in the game without any counters on the screen, a third press of CTRL+R removes the display entirely.

This handy shortcut feature ensures a seamless gaming experience, saving you from having to navigate through layers of settings menus. One point to remember is that this feature is currently exclusive to the PC version of Diablo 4. Unfortunately, players using PlayStation and Xbox platforms do not have access to this feature yet.

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FPS Counter in Diablo 4 Gameplay

As you delve into the dark, atmospheric world of Diablo 4, your FPS counter serves as a faithful companion, providing insights into your game’s performance. Keeping tabs on your FPS can help you adjust your game settings to achieve the desired performance level, thereby ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable experience.

Beyond monitoring performance, the FPS counter could also serve as a prompt to consider investing in a better graphics card. If you consistently notice suboptimal FPS while playing, upgrading your graphics card could significantly improve your Diablo 4 gameplay.

Utilizing NVIDIA GeForce Experience for FPS Display

For gamers with an NVIDIA graphics card, there’s an additional method to display FPS in Diablo 4. The NVIDIA GeForce Experience app features an “In-Game Overlay” option, providing an alternative way to keep track of your FPS.

Once inside the app, you can navigate to the Performance tab under the In-Game Overlay option. Here, you’ll find the “FPS” option that allows you to show the FPS counter in Diablo 4. Remember, this option might vary based on the graphics card and platform being used.

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