Celine (Siren) Guide Dislyte

Celine (Siren) in Dislyte

Celine is a Dislyte disabler esper who works well with espers that do single target damage. She is useful with single target damage espers due to her third skill, which can provide an AOE buff to allied espers. She will also provide a variety of other buffs that are extremely useful. She is capable of excelling in all game modes, but her performance in Point War is lacking.





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Base ATK: 874
Base HP: 14317
Base DEF: 911
Base SPD: 104

Celine Info

Celine discovered a celestial counterpart in the enchantress Siren celestial of folklore. Woe betide anyone who falls into her trap!

Celine in Dislyte specializes on controlled debuffs, particularly Sleep and AP loss. Celine is also good at removing boosts.

Slumber decreases the AP of a single target and inflicts Sleep. With Celine’s Sound of Nature, disgruntled allies can be soothed.

Download Dislyte on your pc To appreciate movement and images from Celine and other espers, as well as to enhance your overall play experience.

Set Recommendations

Set No. 1
Wrath of Jupiter Set x4: +30% ATK
Apollo’s Bow Set x2: +25% ACC.

Set No. 2
Neptunian Waves Set x4: Grants a 35% chance of reducing all ability cooldowns by 1 turn after an ability is used.
Apollo’s Bow Set x2: +25% ACC.

Una II Main Stats: HP%, DEF%
Una IV Main Stats: HP%, ACC
Mui II Main Stats: SPD, HP%

Celine Skills

Serene Melody

Deals damage to an enemy equal to 110% of ATK with a(n) 70% chance of inflicting Sleep for 1 turn.

LVL 2 Damage increased to 100%
LVL 3 Chance to trigger increased to 60%
LVL 4 Damage increased to 110%
LVL 5 Chance to trigger increased to 70%

Sound of Nature

Dispels a debuff from each allied Esper. If an allied Esper isn’t affected by any debuff, then grants them SPD Up for 2 turns.
Cooldown: 3 turns

Lvl 2 Cooldown reduced by 1 turn(s)


Deals damage equal to 80% of ATK to all enemies and reduces their AP by 30% with a(n) 70% chance to inflict Sleep for 1 turn. Cooldown: 3 turns

LVL 2 AP reduction increased to 25%
LVL 3 Chance to trigger increased to 65%
LVL 4 AP reduction increased to 30%
LVL 5 Chance to trigger increased to 70%
LVL 6 Cooldown reduced by 1 turn(s)

Captain Ability

All allied Espers’ ACC increases 30%.

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