Falken (Horus) Guide Dislyte

Falken (Horus) in Dislyte





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Base ATK: 962
Base HP: 14177
Base DEF: 830
Base SPD:101

Falconer Info

Horus’ unique combination of celestial powers could not have resulted in a more revered yet unapproachable High Commander.

Falken is a retaliatory DPS Esper in Dislyte who uses Eye of Horus marks to conduct several counterattacks.

Eye of Vengeance, Falken’s passive, imbues all attacked targets with the “Eye of Horus.” Following any attack against one of Falken’s allies, marked opponents will suffer a retaliatory strike and heal Falken.

When the going gets severe, Falken’s Falconer ability can be utilized to attack the whole enemy army, marking and decreasing the ATK of each target—a savior when the going gets tough.

If you’re a true Dislyte enthusiast, you can play Dislyte on PC for improved graphics and gameplay.

Set Recommendations

Falconer Skills


Deals damage equal to 30% of ATK plus 6% of max HP to an enemy with a(n) 70% chance of inflicting Silence for 1 turn.

LVL 2 Damage increased to 110%
LVL 3 Chance to trigger increased to 60%
LVL 4 Damage increased to 120%
LVL 5 Chance to trigger increased to 70%
LVL 6 Damage increased to 130%

Eye of Vengeance

The caster’s attacks mark the target with the Eye of Horus for 1 turn. Attacks by enemies with this Mark will be counterattacked.

This ability cannot be upgraded.


Deals damage to all enemies equal to 100% of ATK with a(n) 85% chance of inflicting ATK Down for 2 turns. Cooldown: 3 turns

LVL 2 Damage increased to 95%
LVL 3 Chance to trigger increased to 85%
LVL 4 Damage increased to 100%
LVL 5 Chance to trigger increased to 100%
LVL 6 Cooldown reduced by 1 turn(s)

Captain Ability

All allied Espers’ C. RATE increases 20%.

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