Heng Yue (Chang’e) Guide Dislyte

Heng Yue (Chang'e) in Dislyte

Heng Yue is Esper’s support, and he will heal a lot. Her passive skill will assist esper in your team with the least amount of HP by removing all debuffs. She also possesses AOE, which is extremely potent. Use her if you don’t have any other helpers.





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Base ATK: 885
Base HP: 15073
Base DEF: 849
Base SPD: 91

Heng Yue Info

The heavenly powers of Chang’e, the chilly goddess of the moon, have been bestowed onto the cold and gorgeous Heng Yue.

In Dislyte , Heng Yue is a support healer Esper who is also skilled in dispelling. Golden Moon heals her entire squad while removing debuffs. Undying Elixir, Heng Yue’s passive, heals her most vulnerable ally anytime Heng Yue acts.

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Set Recommendations

Heng Yue Skills

Silvermoon Kiss

Deals damage to an enemy equal to 120% of ATK with a(n) 100% chance of dispelling a buff from the target.

LVL 2 Damage increased to 110%
LVL 3 Chance to trigger increased to 85%
LVL 4 Damage increased to 120%
LVL 5 Chance to trigger increased to 100%

Undying Elixir

Heals whoever has the lowest percent of HP on the team for 10% of their max HP. Dispels a debuff from whichever ally has the least HP each turn.

LVL 2 Healing amount increased to 7%
LVL 3 Healing amount increased to 8%
LVL 4 Healing amount increased to 9%
LVL 5 Healing amount increased to 10%

Golden Moon

Dispels debuffs from all allied Espers and heals them for 30% plus 3% per dispelled debuff of their max HP.
Cooldown: 4 turns

LVL 2 Healing amount increased to 23%
LVL 3 Healing amount increased to 26%
LVL 4 Healing amount increased to 30%
LVL 5 Cooldown reduced by 1 turn(s)

Captain Ability

All allied Esper’s HP increases 24%.

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