Jiang Man (Meng Po) Guide Dislyte

Jiang Man (Meng Po) in Dislyte





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Base ATK: 1143
Base HP: 11505
Base DEF: 859
Base SPD:106

Jiang Man Info

Jiang Man’s divine bond with “Meng Po” was created in the crucibles of grief and suffering.

Jiang Man is a powerful nuker against Netherbloom-wielding gangs who build long chains of damage.

Jiang Man’s Waters of Lethe damages all foes and imposes Netherbloom, a sufficient number of which will explode and deal damage on multiple enemies while also inflicting a brief silence.

Set Recommendations

Set No. 1
Wind Walker Set x4: +25% SPD
Apollo’s Bow Set x2: +25% ACC.

Set No. 2
Wrath of Jupiter Set x4: +30% ATK
Fiery Incandescence Set x2: +20% Critical Rate

Una II Main Stats: C. DMG, C. RATE
Una IV Main Stats: ATK%, ACC
Mui II Main Stats: ATK%, SPD

Jiang Man Skills


Deals damage equal to 80% of ATK to 2 random targets and marks the targets with Netherbloom.

LVL 2 Damage increased to 60%
LVL 3 Damage increased to 65%
LVL 4 Damage increased to 70%
LVL 5 Damage increased to 75%
LVL 6 Damage increased to 80%

Flower Paths

Enemies marked with Netherbloom will suffer a Netherbloom blast after taking 5 attacks, receiving damage equal to 85% of Meng Po’s ATK. This blast also deals damage of the same amount to 2 other random enemies. Has a 50% chance of Silencing the affected targets for 2 turns.

This ability cannot be upgraded.

Waters of Lethe

Launches a three-pronged attack on all enemies, each dealing total damage equal to 110% of ATK.
Cooldown: 3 turns

LVL 2 Damage increased to 95%
LVL 3 Damage increased to 100%
LVL 4 Damage increased to 105%
LVL 5 Damage increased to 110%
LVL 6 Cooldown reduced by 1 turn(s)

Captain Ability

Jiang Man does not have captain ability.

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