Laura (Neith) Guide Dislyte

Laura (Neith) Guide Dislyte





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Base ATK: 874
Base HP: 13691
Base DEF: 961
Base SPD: 96

Laura Info

Nicole possesses the power of Nephthys, the gentle side of which is reserved for her research only.

Laura is a support Esper in Dislyte who grants allies a shield and counterattacks when her shield is destroyed or dispelled. Shield Attack inflicts Silence and deals damage to an enemy. Shield Guardian provides an ally with a shield at the end of their turn.

When the shield is destroyed or dispelled after Ascension, Laura launches a counterattack. All allies benefit from Iron Wall’s shield and CRIT RESIST. Increase the target’s shield strength if they are already shielded.

Set Recommendations

Set No. 1
Wind Walker Set x4: +25% SPD
Master Grove Set x2: +25% HP

Set No. 2
Wind Walker Set x4: +25% SPD
Adamantine Set x2: All allied Espers start the battle with a Shield equal to 15% of their max HP. Duration: 2 turns.

Una II Main Stats: HP, C. RATE
Una IV Main Stats: HP%. ACC
Mui II Main Stats: SPD, HP%

Laura Skills

Shield Attack

Deals damage to an enemy equal to 20% of ATK plus 5% of max HP with a 70% chance of inflicting Silence for 1 turn.

Shield Defense

Passive. After each allied Esper takes action, grants the ally Shield for 1 turn which absorbs damage based on Neith’s max HP. Ascension: When an allied Esper’s Shield is destroyed or dispelled by an enemy, Neith has a 30% chance to counterattack (can only be triggered once per turn).

Iron Wall

Grants all allies Shield for 2 turns, which resists damage equal to 25% of their max HP, and CRIT RESIST for 2 turns. If the target already has Shield, increases Shield strength by 25%. Cooldown: 4 turns

Captain Ability

Increases ally DEF in Point War by 30%.

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