Lynn (Hathor) Guide Dislyte

Lynn (Hathor) in Dislyte

In Dislyte, Lynn is a single-target DPS with a Shield buff, Immunity buff, and the ability to remove buffs from a target while dealing massive damage. Her multi-hit attacks and Wind affinity can break Fafnir’s shield phase, allowing her to stay alive while Fafnir deals significant damage.





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Base ATK: 1097
Base HP: 11394
Base DEF: 886
Base SPD: 99

Lynn Info

This female warrior has been endowed with Hathor’s divine abilities and has chosen a fiercely independent course in life.

Lynn in Dislyte is a versatile DPS Esper with a diverse ability set that includes dispels, ATK Down debuffs, Immunity, and shielding.

Lynn’s Eye of the Goddess allows her to attack an enemy three times, each of which has the ability to remove one buff from the victim and inflict a two-turn ATK Down debuff.

While delivering severe damage to an individual adversary, the Ruler of Dendera can award Lynn a shield. Furthermore, if this strike lands a critical hit, it does additional damage and increases shield strength.

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Set Recommendations

Set No. 1
Wrath of Jupiter Set x4: +30% ATK
Fiery Incandescence Set x2: +20% Crit Rate

Set No. 2
Wrath of Jupiter Set x4: +30% ATK
Master Grove Set x2: +25% HP

Una II Main Stats: C. DMG, C. RATE
Una IV Main Stats: ATK%
Mui II Main Stats: SPD

Lynn Skills

Dance of Fate

Attack an enemy twice, each dealing damage equal to 60% of ATK. If a critical is triggered, then grants Immunity for 1 turn.

Lvl 2 Damage increased to 55%
Lvl 3 Damage increased to 60%

Astral Guardian

Attacks an enemy 3 times, dealing total damage equal to 200% of ATK with a(n) 60% chance of dispelling 1 buff from the target per strike. Inflicts ATK Down for 2 turns upon dispelling a buff.
Cooldown: 3 turns

Lvl 2 Damage increased to 190%
Lvl 3 Chance to trigger increased
to 50%
Lvl 4 Damage increased to 200%
Lvl 5 Chance to trigger increased
to 60%
Lvl 6 Cooldown reduced by 1

Ropes of Destiny

Deals damage to a target equal to 280% of ATK and grants a shield, that absorbs damage equal to 35% of max HP for 2 turns.
Cooldown: 4 turns

Lvl 2 Damage increased to 250%
Lvl 3 Damage increased to 260%
Lvl 4 Damage increased to 270%
Lvl 5 Damage increased to 280%
Lvl 6 Cooldown reduced by 1 turn(s)

Captain Ability

During Ritual Miracle or Sonic Miracle challenges, all allied Espers’ ATK increases 30%.

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