Triki (Loki) Guide Dislyte

Triki (Loki) in Dislyte

Triki is an excellent esper to have, especially if you play a lot of Point War. Triki’s third skill, which increases the duration of enemy debuffs and applies the Miss rate up debuff, is what makes him useful. His other abilities are also impressive.





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Base ATK: 874
Base HP: 16273
Base DEF: 911
Base SPD: 107

Triki Info

Prior to his metamorphosis by the “trickster god,” Loki, this astute young man had already risen to prominence in Blackwater.

Triki is a control Esper in Dislyte who is talented at disrupting the enemy’s designs with a variety of debuffs.

Triki’s passive, Gambit, stops any of his attacks from missing and damaging enemies, as well as controlling any adversary who tries to remove a debuff before the correct time.

This makes him a nightmare for Espers who use powerful dispels. Revolver inflicts a Miss Rate Up debuff on the whole opponent force, briefly stops foes from obtaining any buffs, and extends the current duration of all debuffs impacting enemies by one round.

To know is Triki worth investment you should check out Dislyte tier list so you can compare him to other espers.

Set Recommendations

Set No. 1
Wind Walker Set x4: +25% SPD
Apollo’s Bow Set x2: +25% ACC

Set No. 2
Wind Walker Set x4: +25% SPD
Master Grove Set x2:
+25% HP

Una II Main Stats: HP%, DEF%
Una IV Main Stats: ACC%, HP%
Mui II Main Stats: SPD

Triki Skills


Attacks an enemy twice, dealing damage equal to 30% and 110% of ATK separately. Each strike transfers a debuff from Loki to the target. If successfully transferred, then has a(n) 70% chance of inflicting Stun for 1 turn.

LVL 2 Damage of the second strike increased to 90%
LVL 3 Chance to trigger increased to 60%
LVL 4 Damage of the second strike increased to 100%
LVL 5 Chance to trigger increased to 70%
LVL 6 Damage of the second strike increased to 110%

Gambit (Passive)

Loki’s attacks won’t miss. Any enemy who has their debuff end ahead of time will lose 30% of their max HP as well as all their buffs and receive Stun for 1 turn.

This ability cannot be upgraded.


Deals damage to all enemies equal to 120% of ATK, inflicting Miss Rate Up and Buff Blocker for 2 turns. Cooldown: 4 turns

LVL 2 Damage increased to 105%
LVL 3 Damage increased to 110%
LVL 4 Damage increased to 115%
LVL 5 Damage increased to 120%
LVL 6 Cooldown reduced by 1 turn(s)

Captain Ability

All allied Espers’ ACC increases 40%.

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