Unas (Shu) Guide Dislyte

Unas (Shu)

Unas is a legendary esper in Dislyte who is extremely powerful in Point War. Unas’s high base SPD and team AP in his third skill make him extremely powerful. Unas will usually allow your team to attack first, which is extremely advantageous in Point War, but he will be useful in all Dislyte game modes. So, without a doubt, get Unas as soon as possible.





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Base ATK: 1084
Base HP: 12392
Base DEF: 992
Base SPD: 106

Unas Info

The ground awaits Shu’s virtuous healer’s healing winds.

Unas in Dislyte is a quick-moving support Esper capable of offering significant Immunity buffs and AP benefits to the entire squad. If Unas is not currently impacted by any movement-disabling debuffs, he provides Immunity to all allies for 1 round at the end of his turn.

Unas’ Gale Force unleashes a destructive strike on all foes, dealing additional damage dependent on his SPD rating while also enhancing team-wide AP.

Because Unas is a relatively strong esper, combining him with other strong espers will result in a powerful team formation, therefore go to the Dislyte tier list and select the best espers.

Set Recommendations

Set No. 1
Wind Walker Set x4: +25% SPD
Master Grove Set x2: +20% HP

Set No. 2
Wind Walker Set x4: +25% SPD
Fiery Incandescence: Set x2 +20% Crit Rate

Una II Main Stats: HP%, C. RATE
Una IV Main Stats: HP%, DEF%
Mui II Main Stats: SPD

Unas Skills

Follow the Wind

Attacks an enemy 3 times, each dealing damage equal to 35% + 1% per 10 SPD of ATK with a(n) 60% chance to inflict DEF Down for 2 turns.

LVL 2 Damage increased to 25%
LVL 3 Chance to trigger increased to 50%
LVL 4 Damage increased to 30%
LVL 5 Chance to trigger increased to 60%
LVL 6 Damage increased to 35%

Zephyrus (Passive)

If not immobile at the end of the turn, grants Immunity for 1 turn to all teammates.

Gale Force

Deals damage equal to 90% + 1% per 10 SPD of ATK to all enemies and increases team-wide AP by 30%. Cooldown: 3 turns

LVL 2 Damage increased to 60%
LVL 3 Damage increased to 70%
LVL 4 Damage increased to 80%
LVL 5 Damage increased to 90%
LVL 6 Cooldown reduced by 1 turn(s)

Captain Ability

Unas does not have captain ability.

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