Genshin Impact Barbara Build Guide 2024

Genshin Impact Barbara Build

Barbara Rating and Info

Rarity: ★★★★
Specialties: Healer
Element: Hydro
Weapon: Catalyst
Release Date: September 28, 2020
Tier List Rating: A

Stats Lvl 80

HP: 9110
ATK: 149
DEF: 623
HP 24%

Best Barbara Builds

Barbara is one of the healer characters in Genshin Impact. There are a lot of different builds and roles for Barbara, but most players are using healer builds. She is not that great, but you can use her if you do not have any other healers. Barbara is the A-tier character in Genshin Impact.

Best Barbara Weapons

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

When switching characters, the new character taking the field has their ATK increased by 24/30/36/42/48% for 10s. This effect can only occur once every 20s.

Prototype Amber

Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 4/4.5/5/5.5/6 Energy every 2s for 6s. Additionally, all party members will regenerate 4/4.5/5/5.5/6% HP every 2s for this duration.

Best Barbara Artifacts

Ocean-Hued Clam

(2) Healing Bonus +15%
(4) When the character equipping this artifact set heals a character in the party, a Sea-Dyed Foam will appear for 3 seconds, accumulating the amount of HP recovered from healing (including overflow healing). At the end of the duration, the Sea-Dyed Foam will explode, dealing DMG to nearby opponents based on 90% of the accumulated healing. (This DMG is calculated similarly to Reactions such as Electro-Charged, and Superconduct, but it is not affected by Elemental Mastery, Character Levels, or Reaction DMG Bonuses). Only one Sea-Dyed Foam can be produced every 3.5 seconds. Each Sea-Dyed Foam can accumulate up to 30,000 HP (including overflow healing). There can be no more than one Sea-Dyed Foam active at any given time. This effect can still be triggered even when the character who is using this artifact set is not on the field.

Best Barbara Team Comps

Character 1Character 2Character 3Character 4
BarbaraDendro TravelerNahidaNilou
BarbaraDendro TravelerColleiLisa

There are a lot of team comps that you can make in Genshin Impact with Barbara. We recommend team comps that we think are best for Barbara. There are a lot of different characters, and there is a high chance that you do not have some of them. So you should create your team comps, test them out, and see what is best for you and your playstyle. With that, you will become better at the game, and you will know how your team works.

Barbara Skills Talents

Whisper of Water: Normal Attack

Normal Attack
Performs up to 4 water splash attacks that deal Hydro DMG.

Charged Attack
Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to deal AoE Hydro DMG after a short casting time.

Plunging Attack
Gathering the might of Hydro, Barbara plunges towards the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in her path. Deals AoE Hydro DMG upon impact with the ground.

Let the Show Begin: Elemental Skill

Summons water droplets resembling musical notes that form a Melody Loop, dealing Hydro DMG to surrounding opponents and applying the Wet status to them.

Melody Loop

  • On hit, Barbara’s Normal Attacks heal your own party members and nearby teammates for a certain amount of HP, which scales with Barbara’s Max HP.
  • On hit, Barbara’s Charged Attack generates 4 times the amount of healing.
  • Periodically regenerates your own active character’s HP.
  • Applies the Wet status to the character and to opponents who come in contact with them.

Shining Miracle: Elemental Burst

Heals your own party members and nearby teammates for a large amount of HP that scales with Barbara’s Max HP.

Barbara Passive Talents

Glorious Season: First Ascension Passive

The Stamina Consumption of characters within Let the Show Begin’s Melody Loop is reduced by 12%.

Encore: Ascension Passive

When your active character gains an Elemental Orb/Particle, the duration of the Melody Loop of Let the Show Begin♪ is extended by 1s. The maximum extension is 5s.

With My Whole Heart: Passive Talent

When a Perfect Cooking is achieved on a dish with restorative effects, Barbara has a 12% chance to obtain double the product.

Barbara Constellations

Level 1: Gleeful Songs

Barbara regenerates 1 Energy every 10s.

Level 2: Vitality Burst

Decreases the CD of Let the Show Begin by 15%. During the ability’s duration, your active character gains a 15% Hydro DMG Bonus.

Level 3: Star of Tomorrow

Increases the Level of Shining Miracle by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Level 4: Attentiveness Be My Power

Every opponent Barbara hits with her Charged Attack regenerates 1 Energy for her. A maximum of 5 energy can be regenerated in this manner with any one Charged Attack.

Level 5: The Purest Companionship

Increases the Level of Let the Show Begin♪ by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Level 6: Dedicating Everything to You

When Barbara is in the party but not on the field, and one of your own party members falls:

  • Automatically revives the fallen character.
  • Fully restores the revived character’s HP to 100%.

This effect can only occur once every 15 mins.

Barbara Ascension Costs

  • Divining Scroll x 18
  • Sealead Scroll x 30
  • Forbidden Curse Scroll x 36
  • Philanemo Mushroom x 168
  • Cleansing Heart x 46
  • Varunada Lazurite Sliver x 1
  • Varunada Lazurite Fragment x 9
  • Varunada Lazurite Chunk x 9
  • Varunada Lazurite Gemstone x 6

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