Bacterial Takeover Codes July 2024

Bacterial Takeover Codes

Hunting for Bacterial Takeover Codes to grab some awesome freebies? These codes are golden for speeding up your game, getting ahead of others, and basically powering up your gameplay.

Especially if you’re new to the scene, snagging these codes early is a smart move. They’re like a limited-time offer, though, ticking away, and once they’re gone, that’s it. No more goodies from those codes.

Digging around social media for codes can be a real time-sink, so we’ve gone ahead and pulled together a list of both the old and new codes straight from the devs, saving you the hassle. We keep an eye out daily for new Bacterial Takeover Codes and pop them on this list once we spot them.

To save even more time, you can bookmark this page so you can have fast access to the codes. We also prepared codes for other mobile games, like Bid Wars Pawn Empire Codes, T3 Arena Redeem Codes, Myth Saga Codes, Land of Empires Gift Codes, and Heroes Arise Gift Codes.

Bacterial Takeover Codes List 

  • tristram
  • chalice
  • Ethereal
  • perhaps
  • grindset
  • greece
  • excalibur
  • mgla
  • blackpink
  • phantomtroupe
  • bones
  • berserkforever
  • Athena
  • thinkmark
  • agony
  • healer
  • grimmjow
  • newprofilepic
  • Hello
  • Igor is awesome
  • I want gene strands
  • Is it salmonella
  • Bye earth
  • Do i see diamonds
  • Unicellular organism
  • murkrat
  • thething
  • Dahliastear
  • exile
  • Whipped Cream

Here’s the rundown of all the codes, fresh from the developers themselves. The great thing about these Bacterial Takeover codes is they’re totally legit and free since they’re straight from the folks who made the game.

What are Bacterial Takeover Codes?

These codes are like a thank-you note from the developers to the players. They let you redeem in-game items. It’s the devs’ way of thanking you for sticking around and supporting the game.

How to use Bacterial Takeover Codes?

Using Bacterial Takeover Codes is an easy and fast thing to do. There is a high chance that you do not know how to use them if you are a new player because there are no instructions inside the game on how to do it. Just follow the steps below and you will learn it fast. 

  1. Start the Bacterial Takeover game.
  2. Tap on the settings icon located in the top left corner of your screen.
  3. Tap on the Space button.
  4. Enter the code that you want to use.
  5. Tap on the Confirmation button.

Follow these steps with a valid, non-expired code, and you’ll see your free items drop into your game right away. Do check your in-game mail just in case some rewards land there. And remember, each code is a one-shot deal per account.

Where to find Bacterial Takeover Codes?

The safest bet for valid codes is the game’s official social media. Whenever the devs cook up a new code, they blast it on their Discord, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook for all players to use. It can be a bit of a hunt on social media if the devs are chatty, pushing older, still-useful posts down the feed. That’s why we’ve got this list to save you the scroll-time. Be cautious with other sites, especially if they’re fishing for your game login. That’s a big red flag—they’re likely trying to sneak into your account.

When will the new Bacterial Takeover codes be available?

New codes usually drop around special game events, new partnerships, or when hitting certain milestones. But the devs sometimes drop them just because. Keep an eye on our updates, and check out our other guides to boost your gameplay.

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