Baldur’s Gate 3 Split Screen Co-Op: How to Activate

Baldur's Gate 3 Split Screen Co-Op How to Activate

The versatile realm of Baldur’s Gate 3 captivates players with its in-depth storytelling, intricate gameplay, and, not to forget, the co-op mode. Diving into the game with your friend gives a unique spin to the experience. With co-op mode, you have the flexibility to venture through the game world together, strategizing and deciding the best path forward.

This mode comes with several possibilities, catering to various gaming arrangements. You could be online, teaming up with friends on separate PCs. Alternatively, there’s an option for offline co-op mode through LAN. But the split-screen couch co-op steals the show, allowing two players to game on a single computer, each wielding their own controller.

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Activating Split Screen Co-Op on PC

Getting the split-screen co-op started on your PC isn’t as hard as you may think. There are no complex menu settings to navigate, no secret keys to press. All you have to do is plug in two controllers and get them running. Once activated, the game transforms into a shared experience, where you control the main character and your friend takes charge of a companion.

It’s like taking a virtual journey together on the same machine. But bear in mind, the split-screen feature won’t play nice with a keyboard and mouse setup. This is strictly a controller’s game when split-screen is concerned.

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Before stepping into the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 together, you’ll need to set up a multiplayer lobby. Navigate to “Multiplayer” from the Main Menu to access the lobby creation screen. Here, players can look for other multiplayer games or swap between Online and LAN modes using the top tabs. You have the freedom to either join an ongoing game or create a personal lobby. It’s good to know that the lobby can welcome up to four players, counting the host as well.

Inviting Friends and Launching the Campaign

Have a friend you’d love to bring along in your Baldur’s Gate 3 adventure? That’s simple. The host needs to select the plus sign, revealing their friends list, and then choose whom to invite. When everyone’s ready, it’s time to launch the campaign. You’ll then be guided to a character selection screen where you can choose between an Origin character or a new hero.

But don’t just go for your favorite character; remember to balance your party with a variety of skills and classes. Once every player confirms their character and forms a Guardian, the collaborative campaign is ready to roll.

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