Bloodborne Weapon Tier List- Best Weapons 2023

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Bloodborne is full of unique weapons for many different skill sets. You might be here wondering which weapons are best for you or the best to get used to. That is why we have created a Bloodborne weapon tier list to help you understand the overall skill rating not only we have for the weapons but other experienced Bloodborne players!

From Trick Weapons to Firearms, there are many factors to consider when choosing your primary weapons. There are a handful of weapons that many gamers would much prefer in the game that is highly recommended for anyone to get used to using within Bloodborne. Let’s take a look!

Bloodborne Trick Weapons Tier List

Holy Moonlight SwordSSword
Ludwig’s Holy BladeSSword
Whirligig SawSMace/Saw
Saw CleaverASaw
Hunter AxeAAxe
Saw SpearASpear
Beast CutterBCleaver
Beasthunter SaifBSword (Curved)
Blade of MercyBSword
Boom HammerBHammer
Burial BladeBSword
Church PickBSword/War Pick
Logarius’ WheelBWheel
Simon’s BowbladeBSword
Amygdalan ArmCClub
Beast ClawCClaw
Kos ParasiteCTentacles/Parasite
Threaded CaneCCane/Notched Whip

Tier lists always start with the S or S+ tier, then end with a C or D tier. We have done precisely that. Below we will begin with the most popular trick weapons that belong in the S tier for not only their power but also versatility for different kinds of playstyles. 

S Tier | Bloodborne Trick Weapon Tier List

Trick weapons are always in your right hand as a primary weapon. The S tier of these weapons is not only the most lethal but also the most versatile for any kind of playstyle. 

A Tier | Bloodborne Trick Weapon Tier List

In many tier lists, the A tier holds the most general weapons that are popular among the general public. In this case, it is the same with Bloodborne weapons. These weapons are some of the best to carry as your trick weapon. Although they are not at the S tier, they are still compelling and valuable. 

B Tier | Bloodborne Trick Weapon List

B tier is usually the list of some of the most difficult to master, but are still lethal if learned effectively. These are some trick weapons similar to the A tier but have much less effect than those already mentioned. 

C Tier | Bloodborne Trick Weapon Tier List

C tier is usually the group of weapons that no one prefers. However, they are not the worst among others. In Bloodborne, these specific weapons are great for beginners, but you will eventually want to move up to the B or A tier as soon as possible.

Bloodborne Weapons Tier List

Gatling GunSHeavy Machine Fire Gun
Hunter PistolSBlunderbuss/Flintlock
Repeating PistolSPistol/Flintlock
Hunter BlunderbussABlunderbuss
Ludwig’s RifleBRifle
Piercing RifleBRifle
Church CannonCCannon/Explosives

Firearm weapons are always used in the left-hand side of your character. These are extremely important when it comes to long to medium-range damage.

With an excellent firearm, you will not need to worry about much. Let’s take a look!

S Tier | Bloodborne Firearm Weapon Tier List

The S tier is the best group of firearms on Bloodborne. Although this list is based solely on experienced gamers, it is proven effective in-game based on these weapons’ stats and overall versatility. 

A Tier | Bloodborne Firearm Weapon Tier List

These are a bit slower compared to the S tier ranked firearms, although nevertheless still very effective. The A tier is still recommended among gamers and is the most average for high-skill and experienced players. 

B Tier | Bloodborne Firearm Weapon Tier List

B tier is a bit below average, and these firearms in Bloodborne fit this title perfectly.

Although these are not the most favored, they are definitely not the worst and can be effective. 

C Tier | Bloodborne Firearm Weapon Tier List

These are by far the worst weapons within Bloodborne. Although they are the worst-rated, you can still make at least some damage. That being said, at least it is better than nothing.

Although these weapons are not necessarily ranked within the game, many players place the weapons within these ranks regarding playing experience. If you think something should be different, feel free to express your opinion. 

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