Core Keeper Drill Guide and Setup

Core Keeper Drill Guide

Getting into how to make a killer drill setup in Core Keeper? First up, scarlet ore is a big deal here. You’ll need to turn it into scarlet bars in a kiln, aiming for at least 40 bars to get your drill ready. With scarlet ore being so key, think twice before you use your drills. Keeping some for different types of ore can really pay off.

Essential Components for the System in Core Keeper

  • Drills: These are the stars of your mining show. To really hit the big time with ore, you need these placed just right around the ore you’re after. Six drills are a sweet spot, but even a couple can do wonders, especially for those scarlet ore finds.
  • Conveyor Belts: These are what move your ore around. Get about ten of these set up right, and you’ve got the veins of your mining op.
  • Robot Arm and Storage: Here’s where things get slick. Robot arms grab your ore off the belts and stash it in chests. Just make sure they’ve got room to work.
  • Smelting: The smelter kiln turns your ore into bars. It’s a must-have for dealing with scarlet ore. Gold, though? Still a bit of a question mark on how that fits into the mix.
  • Power Generation and Distribution: You need power for all this to work, and that’s where the “electric machine” generator comes in. It’s the heart of your setup, pumping out juice for your drills and everything else. Wiring up your power right is key, and watch out for torches causing lag.

Setting Up and Operating the Drill in Core Keeper

Essential Components for the System

Setting up your drill is more than just plugging it in and watching it go. It’s about patience and planning. Hook it up to your power source, lay down those cables, and then let it do its thing. What it digs up stays put until you’re ready to collect, no worries about monsters messing with it.

Crafting at your station is crucial, and the electronic table is where you’ll be hanging out a lot, making things like your generator. And if you want to get fancy, those mechanical doors with electric control are pretty neat.

Optimizing the System

Mining smart is better than just mining hard. Your ore won’t last forever, so make those drills work efficiently. Use switches to get your drills working in harmony for the best results. Different ores need different treatment – copper’s easy with a regular furnace, but scarlet wants more. And getting your conveyor belts lined up just right? That’s key to keeping everything moving smoothly.

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