Core Keeper Drill Guide and Setup

Core Keeper Drill Guide

Before diving into the mechanics of setting up the ultimate drilling system, there’s some groundwork to lay. The scarlet ore plays a pivotal role in our drilling journey. Converting this ore in a specialized kiln will grant you the much-needed scarlet bars.

And if you’re aiming for a drill, ensure you have a stash of at least 40 of these bars. Considering the extensive role scarlet ore plays in this context, don’t rush—saving some drills for varied ore deposits can be a game-changer.

Essential Components for the System in Core Keeper

The heart of our operation. While they excel at mining colossal ore deposits, their strategic placement around the ore deposit is vital. Six seems to be the magic number; however, even a couple can make a difference, especially if you’re mining scarlet deposits specifically.

Conveyor Belts:
The lifelines that move your precious ore. Equip yourself with ten conveyor belts and position them meticulously. They’re more than just metal tracks; they’re the arteries of your mining operation.

Robot Arm and Storage:
Automation is key. Robot arms streamline the process, taking ore from belts and ensuring they’re safely stored in chests. However, remember to maintain a clear space in front of your crane. It’s not just about function—it’s about optimal operation.

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Enter the smelter kiln—a marvel in ore processing. Available at the iron workbench, this smelter is your go-to for converting ores, especially scarlet, into bars. Gold ore, however, remains a mystery. It’s been elusive, so whether it’s compatible with our kiln is yet to be seen.

Power Generation and Distribution:
None of this works without the “electric machine” generator. This powerhouse not only runs the whole setup but also fuels a specific cell that powers the drills. If you’re scratching your head about its workings, a prior video on electricity has got you covered. Distribute power seamlessly using electrical wires, but be cautious with torch lights; they can be a tad pesky, causing unwanted lag.

Setting Up and Operating the Drill in Core Keeper

Essential Components for the System

Your drill isn’t just a machine—it’s a commitment. Once powered, it’s going to be a while before you see the fruits of its labor. Directly connecting these drills to power sources, especially near oil, can be a boon. And cables? They’re your best friends here. Remember, whatever the drill uncovers remains in place till you decide to collect it, safe from the prying hands (or claws) of foes. Enemies might lurk in Core Keeper, but they can’t meddle with your setup.

Crafting isn’t just a task—it’s an art. Essential to our operation is the crafting station, the unsung hero. The electronic table, however, wears its utility on its sleeve, offering structures like the electricity generator. And if you’re thinking about adding a dash of sophistication, mechanical doors with electric control might just be your thing.

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Optimizing the System

Mining isn’t just about brute force—it’s strategy. Ore deposits are a finite treasure; mine wisely. And if a node dries up, don’t sweat it. Relocate and continue. Synchronized drilling via switches is the name of the game for efficient extraction.

Different ores call for varied processing. While copper plays nice with a regular furnace, scarlet demands something more advanced. It’s picky but worth it. And remember, precision is crucial, especially with conveyor belt orientation.

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