Hell Let Loose Best Weapons That You Should Try

Hell Let Loose Best Weapons That You Should Try

Hell Let Loose is one of those games where you run for 200 meters to end up getting shot in the head. The game is hard to master and eerily realistic and the best part about this game is the weapons – you’re gonna find yourself submachine guns, machine guns, automatic rifles, handguns, and god knows what else.

That’s why in this article today, I’ll be talking about the best weapons that you can use in Hell Let Loose. Let’s start with our first pick:

Karabiner 98k

Karabiner 98k Hell Let Loose

Karabiner 98K is a bolt-action rifle used by the Germans. Roles such as Anti-Tank, Engineer, Medic, Officer, Rifleman, and Support can be equipped with this rifle.

Is it any good:
Well, it’s a bolt-action, which means that you have to reload it every time you shoot, meaning that you should only use it on open fields. Avoiding tight, urban environments with this rifle is a must, as you will be easily overwhelmed by automatic rifles, submachine guns, etc.

The damage on the other hand is pretty high, it’s impossible to survive a torso shot, and the weapon excels at medium to long distances.

Final rating:

M1 Garand

M1 Garand Hell Let Loose
Goodbye, Hans.

M1 Garand is a semi-automatic rifle made in the USA. It can be carried by roles such as the Anti-Tank, Officer, Rifleman, and Support.

Is it any good?
The M1 Garand is semi-automatic, which means that you have to press the trigger each time you wanna take a shot. Although the rate of fire is far better than in the other bolt-action rifles, you should still use the M1 Garand in open areas, as the magazine capacity allows only 8 rounds.

As with the Karabiner 98K, the good old M1 Garand is capable of 1-shotting other opponents. Still, the enemy might get away if you shoot them in the leg. The accuracy is superb and you shouldn’t have any issues with headshotting Krauts from long distances!

Final rating:

M1903 Springfield

M1903 Springfield Hell Let Loose
Boom. Headshot.

M1903 Springfield is a scoped rifle made in the USA. Only the Sniper class can use this scoped rifle.

Is it great?
Yeah, although you should always keep your distance and shoot from a safe location, reposition yourself often as well. You want to pick off as many targets as possible, whether they’re hiding in a trench, in a window, or wherever. DO NOT engage opponents in tight environments and remember about your pistol if you’re sensing someone sneaking up on you!

It’s a sniper rifle, thus it’s obvious that 1 shot will be more than enough to kill anyone. The rifle has an excellent, long-range scope that will help you score headshots more effectively.

Final rating:

M1918A2 BAR

M1918A2 BAR Hell Let Loose
A chocolate bar.

M1918A2 BAR is a rifle that’s fully automatic, made in the USA, and carried by classes such as: Assault, Automatic Rifleman, and Machine Gunner.

What this gun does great:
First of all, it’s fully automatic. It can be used for suppressive fire, defending checkpoints, as well as mowing down German soldiers. It’s a pretty universal weapon effective at all ranges and it can be used both in open areas and urban maps. The recoil ain’t too bad and you’ll get used to it.

This rifle usually takes 1-2 torso shots to kill someone, although it all depends on the distance. The accuracy is decent enough and you can use this weapon in close-quarters combat, medium distances, or on open fields.

Final rating:


MG42 Hell Let Loose

MG-42 is a German machine gun that can be used only by the Machine Gunner.

Is it good?
MG-42 is a fully automatic beast, capable of unloading 1800 rounds per minute and it’s best known for suppressive fire+defending checkpoints, although if you’re insane enough, you can run around and shoot this thing from the hip. The worst enemy of the machine gunner is a sniper, so it’s crucial to play behind the cover and change locations often.

From a close distance, it takes 1 shot to kill an enemy. From anything above 100 meters, it’s going to take 2 bullets. Accuracy is great if you’re firing this machine gun from a bipod, if not… well, that’s a different story.

Final rating:


MP-40 Hell Let Loose

MP-40 is a German submachine gun used by classes such as: Assault, Automatic Rifleman, Commander, Officer, Spotter, and Tank Commander.

Is it worth using?
Hell yeah, it is. This weapon is pretty effective at close to medium distances and it can still be effective at longer ranges, although you should fire in 1-3 bullet bursts for that to work. The weapon excels in urban environments because of its quick reload speed and 32-round magazine. One of my favorite weapons on the German side!

The MP-40 is using the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge, so it’s not the best Hell Let Loose weapon in terms of damage, although the accuracy at short-medium distances makes up for it.



PPSH 41 Hell Let Loose
Pepeshka <3

PPSH-41 is a Soviet submachine gun used by one of the best classes such as: Assault, Automatic Riflemen, and Officers.

Why is it the best?
The PPSH-41 has a far better rate of fire than the German MP-40 and 2 magazine types – a stick magazine(35 rounds) and a drum magazine(71 rounds). It does a great job in close-quarters combat but it also performs well at medium distances. Excellent for leading assaults, as well as providing suppressive fire for your teammates. One of the best weapons in Hell Let Loose, IMO!

The damage might seem a bit lackluster, although the extremely fast rate of fire makes up for it. You shouldn’t shy away from unloading your mag into enemies at close to medium distances. The accuracy can be compared to the MP-40, excellent between 0 to 50 meters, and falls off at around 100 meters.

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