How To Find Tin In Core Keeper

How To Find Tin In Core Keeper

Tin is super important in Core Keeper, kind of a big deal for moving up in the game. You need it for making a bunch of stuff, from tools to defending your base. It’s smack in the middle of copper and iron in the game’s resource pecking order.

Natural Habitat: The Clay Biome

Looking for tin? Head straight to the clay biome. It’s this pinkish-orange area, usually around water but can stretch out too. Don’t mix it up with the rock biome; no tin there. The clay biome starts where the dirt stops, and it’s a bit tougher than dirt with these little sparkles that actually mean there’s tin around. Keep your eyes peeled for the shiny silver of tin. And don’t just stick to the beaten path; the less trodden areas could be full of tin.

Gathering and Using Tin in Core Keeper

Harvesting and Utilizing Tin in Core Keeper

Once you hit a place with lots of tin, you’ll see there’s plenty to go around. Use the mining skill tree to get even more out of your mining. Skills like “Meticulous Miner” give you extra ore, and “Night Vision” helps you spot those tin sparkles from further away.

Then comes the fun part—crafting. With tin bars, you can make all sorts of useful stuff like fishing rods, backpacks for exploring, all sorts of tools, swords, and even cool crafting stations like anvils and alchemy tables. For example, making an explorer backpack gives you more space to carry stuff and makes you a bit faster.

Tips for Early Game Players

If you’re just starting out in Core Keeper, the game might feel a bit tough. But really, it’s just about getting used to how things work. A big help is the tin workbench. It’s not just for show; you need it. With 15 tin bars and a furnace, you can start making all kinds of useful items, like the fishing rod that’s going to be a game-changer for your early game.

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