How To Get Planks In Core Keeper

How To Get Planks In Core Keeper

Core Keeper’s got this big update, and boats are the big news. But with boats comes the need for planks, and not just any planks, but there’s also something called “coral planks” floating around, which sounds pretty cool but also kinda mysterious.

How to Obtain Planks in Core Keeper

If you’re after planks, you need to hit up the building area, where all the crafting magic happens. This place is where you power up your base and keep the dark at bay with lamps, but the star of the show now is the table saw. This bad boy turns wood into planks. Just a heads up, though, it’s not just gonna run on good vibes; you need to hook it up to electricity to get it going.

Uses of Planks

So you wanna hit the high seas in Core Keeper? You’re gonna need to start with a “boat station”. But hold up, before you can even think about bobbing around on the water, you need a boat workbench. And guess what? You make that at the scarlet workbench. But it’s not gonna be easy.

You need 30 planks, a bunch of scarlet bars, and mechanical parts to boot. But planks are big in Core Keeper, way beyond just making boats. They’re kinda everywhere in crafting. And if you’re looking to squeeze out a few extra planks, keep an eye out for the Roofing Gadget. Salvage it, and you could get 3 to 5 planks back.

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