How To Get Planks In Core Keeper

How To Get Planks In Core Keeper

The exhilarating world of Core Keeper has recently undergone a transformative update that’s caught the attention of its vast player base. One of the standout features of this update? The inclusion of boats. While this addition paves the way for exciting adventures, it also introduces new crafting challenges.

As you delve deeper into the game’s crafting mechanics, you’ll discover the significance of planks. A versatile and indispensable item, planks have made their grand entrance in this Core Keeper update. But wait, there’s more! Aside from the regular planks, players might stumble upon a mysterious variant known as the “coral planks”. The intricacies of this variant remain a subject of exploration for many.

How to Obtain Planks in Core Keeper

Your quest for planks commences at the designated building area, a familiar spot teeming with potential crafting projects. From electricity generators that power your base to lamps that ward off the darkness, the building area is a hub of innovation.

But, the spotlight here is on the table saw in Core Keeper, your key tool for plank production. With this machine in tow, you can effortlessly transform wood into the desired planks. But remember, like many great tools in Core Keeper, the table saw isn’t self-sustaining. It requires a connection to an electrical circuit to spring into action.

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Uses of Planks

Navigating the waters of Core Keeper begins with understanding the “boat station”, an essential component in your seafaring journey. But before setting sail, every aspiring sailor needs a boat workbench. Wondering where to find one? Look no further than the scarlet workbench. However, crafting the boat workbench is no small feat. Prepare to gather a whopping 30 planks, alongside a collection of scarlet bars and those ever-important mechanical parts.

Planks aren’t just for boats; they’re a cornerstone in the Core Keeper crafting ecosystem. These crafting materials have multiple applications. For instance, ever heard of the Roofing Gadget? If you’re looking to salvage some extra planks, this gadget could yield between 3 to 5 planks upon salvaging.

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