Rimworld Weapons Tier List: Best Weapons 2024

Rimworld Weapons Tier List Best Weapons

But before we get to the Rimworld Weapons Tier List, maybe we should explain what Rimworld is about – it’s a game where you are sent to a planet and your job is to manage your colony the best way you can. You can begin constructing your base pretty much on every terrain, as well as fight off pirates, massive insects, and machines.

When it comes to weapons, there’s a massive list of them, and they all vary in damage, ammunition, and range. We’re gonna analyze some of the best weapons, explain why they’re awesome&why you should use them. Without further useless blabbering, let’s begin!

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Rimworld Weapons Tier List

WeaponsTier Rating
Assault rifleS
Bolt-action rifleB
Bolt-action rifleB
Chain shotgunB
Charge lanceB
Charge rifleS
Doomsday rocket launcherC
EMP grenadesB
EMP launcherB
Frag grenadesC
Heavy SMGA
Incendiary launcherC
Machine pistolB
Molotov cocktailsC
Recurve bowC
Short bowF
Smoke launcherC
Sniper rifleA
Triple rocket launcherC


A single-shot handgun with decent accuracy, the fire rate ain’t too bad and this pistol doesn’t perform badly when it comes to shooting from close to medium distances. In total, you’re gonna deal 14 points of damage per bullet, just keep in mind that this weapon has a very low rate of fire. Overall, a great weapon in the early game against weaker opponents and mass production.


A weapon for players in the early game. It deals around 12 points of damage, which is slightly lower than the Autopistol, however, it staggers mechanoid creatures and humans. It performs well in close combat but there are better weapons than the revolver for medium to long distances. It’s also probably the easiest weapon to get, as it gets often dropped by raiders in the early game and you can also craft it with little no to requirements.

Recurve Bow

A neolithic, single-shot weapon that deals 14 points of damage per hit, which is 3 points more than the Short bow. The accuracy together with range is decent, plus the weapon has a decent rate of fire. It’s also worth adding that this weapon, even though it’s an early-game weapon, does a great job at penetrating armor and it can be easily manufactured.

Bolt-action rifle

The Bolt-action rifle performs well at short, medium, and long ranges. It also has excellent accuracy, as well as a high amount of damage – 18 points of damage per shot. The worst thing that can be said about this rifle is its rate of fire, which can be considered average.

Heavy SMG

A heavy, multi-shot weapon that fires in short, 3-round bursts. Each bullet deals 12 points of damage, the accuracy is mediocre and the weapon is meant for short-range engagements only. This weapon is pretty noob-friendly and easy to use, although you can’t really stagger other humans with a gun like this.

Incendiary launcher

This weapon does a great job at flushing out people, it causes panic and everyone to run away frantically. We have already established that the incendiary launcher works well against wooden structures but it can also be used to suffocate people who are hiding in less flammable areas.

One thing that sucks about using this weapon is the fact that it is sort of useless in rainy weather, not also that but if the fire gets out of control the game will automatically start the rain anyways.


The LMG shoots in 6-round bursts, each shot dealing 11 points of damage. There’s a relatively short delay between each shot. When it comes to range, it can be used for short to medium-range engagements, although due to the weapon’s poor accuracy, it’s also important to handle these weapons over to more skilled users. Weapons of this type are great for controlling massive amounts of enemies but not that great against singular targets, as other previously mentioned weapons simply deal more damage.


Miniguns are extremely fast weapons. They shoot in 25-round bursts, and each round deals 10 damage. In terms of accuracy, it’s gonna be sufficient between 0 and 14 cells, under the condition that you’ve got a level 8 Shooting skill. The worst thing about the Minigun is its accuracy, which is very poor. It’s also worth noting that the Minigun is considered to be an extremely heavy weapon and will slow down its wielder.

Due to the extremely poor accuracy and slow movement speed debuff, this weapon is best used for defending bases, as well as crowd control. Such a massive amount of bullets will easily hit everything that happens to be in front of it.


These are some of the most OP weapons that you can find in the game. They all have different uses and damage, some are useful for single targets, while some are more prone to dealing with multiple enemies at once. Hope you enjoyed this article and thank you!

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