Risk of Rain 2 Tier List: Best Characters 2023

Risk of Rain 2 Tier List

Risk of Rain 2 is an incredible rogue-lite with an impressive number of characters. These characters are called survivors, and each of them heavily differs from the other. After years of updates, the game received a lot of new ones. So today, we are going to rate them on a Risk of Rain 2 Tier List.

Risk of Rain 2 Tier List

CharacterTier Rating
Void FiendS

C Tier Rating


Risk of Rain 2  Commando

The all-rounder of the game and the first character most everybody will play. The Commando offers a little bit of everything without excelling at anything. His quick standard and alt fires are perfect for dispatching flying enemies in a blink. His defensive and mobility skills are the same, functioning as bursts of speed with which you can dodge. 

Commando can do a lot but doesn’t have as much impact on any of his abilities as other characters, which places him low on the list.


Risk of Rain 2 Mercenary

Potentially the most fun but also the most underwhelming character in the game. The Mercenary relies on various melee attacks and dashes to stay alive and deal damage. While his overall playstyle is enjoyable, the payoff for learning his move set isn’t that big. 

Although fast, Mercenary can die quickly due to powerful air enemies and AoE attacks. Fortunately, these aren’t impossible to deal with until later on, when the Mercenary will require ample items to survive each hit and strike back.

B Tier Rating


Risk of Rain 2 Huntress

During early access, the Huntress was one of the most difficult characters to play. Her low health pool made players focus overtly on dodging and picking fights carefully. Former never being an issue due to her quick teleport dodge by default and invincibility frames on Huntress’ AoE skill.

Picking fights is all about knowing your foes. Never take extended fights, be ready to dish out your damage-dealing abilities and scram. If you haven’t figured it out, the damage is the name of the game, and Huntress excels at it.


Risk of Rain 2 Artificer

Speaking of damage, Artificer is one of the most reliable and easiest-to-build sources of AoE. Her alt fire is capable of blasting entire groups of enemies with a single cast. Even with a few items, she can melt through early mobs. Along with instant execution on her ice wall, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

However, she needs to use the Ion Surge skill during loadout. While the character is playable without it, this vertical mobility skill greatly improves her play style. After a certain point, it’s possible to fly constantly by spamming this ability and slow falling.


Risk of Rain 2 Acrid

Acrid is a poisonous mobile tank. He is a reptile capable of leaping long distances and dealing damage over time, but one that struggles a lot with flying enemies. The only ranged attacks available are weak and require time to recharge. You’ll more often use this ranged attack to spread poison further rather than dealing damage directly.

The downside of Acrid’s poisons is that they can’t kill. They will leave your targets at one health point. This issue is easily mitigated by getting a Tri-tip dagger. However, his poor range knocks him down a peg. Greater Wisps will be your greatest foes.

A Tier Rating


Risk of Rain 2 MUL-T

One of the early access favorites, MUL-T still has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. This survivor can slot multiple weapons on his person, giving him far more versatility. With the addition of some new toys to play with, MUL-T has become capable of extra roles.

The most important aspect is the overall tankiness of this survivor. While lacking in quick ways to get around, he can reinforce himself to endure severe punishment.


Risk of Rain 2 Engineer

Engineer, an all-time favorite of mine, provides ample tools and an incredibly easy playstyle. The main focus of this survivor are his turrets which can triple your damage output. With certain items, damage numbers get out of hand. Not to mention how easy it is to become unkillable by stacking Bustling Fungus on the turrets. Couple that item with your shield ability, and the runs will get far easier for everybody involved. Low mobility though, so you’ll need a few items to get around.


Risk of Rain 2 Bandit

Another damage dealer to add to the pile. This survivor makes use of tricky stealth and plentiful backstabs. Rather than speed, you’ll be using stealth. With the ability to reset your skills through the Lights Out skill, it’s possible to permanently shoot and stealth. Make sure to hit foes from the back for extra damage, and you’ll be melting through bosses in no time.

Bandit does lack options outside of damage. Although stealth can be a powerful tool, it is also your only one. One misplay can land you in a lot of hot water. The skill ceiling is somewhat high but well worth it.


Risk of Rain 2 REX

REX is probably the oddest entry thus far. The overall playstyle of this survivor is oriented around debuffing enemies, healing allies, and sacrificing your own health. It’s a dangerous playstyle made easier by the plentiful health regeneration options you’ll possess.

While REX’s damage is not that good, the survivor is more than capable of softening big targets or even batches of elite mobs. Perfect for triggering certain debuffs on enemies, though. Due to his widespread influence, he gets an easy spot in the higher tiers.


Risk of Rain 2 Loader

Another melee survivor. This one with a more formidable ranking. The Loader is capable of sustaining and dishing out punishment for a while. Her ability to generate a shield when hitting foes is especially powerful early in the game, where multiple enemies will generate a huge one every swing. The Loader can also swing around on her hook arm, which lets her reposition swiftly.

But the true power of this survivor is in her exceptionally damaging charge-up fist ability. This ability can cut down bosses in only a few casts early on, with the potential to become even more harrowing later. Only enemies she struggles with are flying ones although there are abilities which take care of them well.

S Tier Rating


Heretic is unique due to the fact that she can’t be selected in the lobby. Instead, you have to transform into the Heretic by holding all four heresy items. Doing so will turn the current character into her, changing your stats and abilities to match. The capabilities of Heretic are many, but her health drains as you play, so make ample use of regeneration items. Well worth assembling though, triple jump and potent abilities will keep you alive for a long while.


Risk of Rain 2 Railgunner

After a long while, Risk of Rain 2 got its dedicated sniper character. There’s little to say about Railgunner. Her abilities are all about dealing damage on both short and long ranges. There are multiple available skills you can use to shoot even more powerful shots with. Her most powerful shot blasting through any mob for massive damage. Her few utility options do well enough although overwhelming firepower will usually be the right answer.


Risk of Rain 2 Captain

Until recently, Captain usually scored as a favorite with most players. His interesting kit and powerful shotgun are more than enough to handle any foe in your path. This kit’s defensive powerhouse are the microbots that shoot down enemy projectiles. Lastly, his beacon ability allows for a ton of highly useful abilities to be called down. Anything from a simple healing beacon to a container unlocking one. The latter option provides free items.

Void Fiend

Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend

The newest and probably the most powerful survivor is Void Fiend. This one has a unique mechanic. With controlled and unleashed forms, the power of the survivor can drastically change. Due to the different powers and weaknesses of either, it’s possible to truly learn this survivor in a way that counters most any threat.

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