Rust Weapons Tier List: Best Weapons 2024

Rust Weapons Tier List Best Weapons

Rust had a massive blow-up in fame in 2021. Since then, many players have searched for the best items to use when playing the game for a better experience. One of the most essential items in Rust will have to be the weapons. The weapons can go from arrows to full-on machine guns. If you want to take down your enemies, there are some weapons that you should consider more than others. 

Below we have put together the best weapons tier list for Rust and why the community loves these weapons so much. Let’s take a look!

Rust Best Weapons Tier List

Assault Rifle (AK-47)A
Bolt Action RifleA
Compound BowD
Custom SMGC
Double Barrel ShotgunD
Eoka PistolE
Hunting BowE
L96 RIfleS
M39 RifleB
M92 PistolB
Multiple Grenade LauncherA
Pump ShotgunB
Python RevolverC
Rocket LauncherS
Semi-Automatic PistolC
Semi-Automatic RifleC
Spas-12 ShotgunB
Stone SpearE
Waterpipe ShotgunD
Wooden SpearE

Rust Best Weapons Tier List From S to E

In any tier list, you will have the best sitting at S tier while the worst sitting at D or E tier. Below we have listed each weapon in what not we believe is correct from our experience, but also what the community agrees upon according to forums and Youtube reviews.

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S Tier | Rust Best Weapons In-Game

The S tier is the superior group of weapons Rust contains within the game. Although they are hard to obtain, once you have collected one of these weapons, you’re already in good hands. 

These weapons are arguably the most powerful among all of the other options. Although they are not all the most practical when it comes to handling and accuracy, they are the best when it comes to raids and base defenses.

A Tier | Rust Weapons

A tier is the list of the most practical guns and superior in Rust, following the most powerful from the S tier. Although they are not considered S rated, they are much easier to work with and considered to be basic carriers for those who have a pretty firm base in Rust already.

The AK-47 and LR300 are both the most used and decent for long and short-range PvP battles. While the bolt Action Rifle is not as strong as the L96, it is still a lethal weapon for defense and guarding long-distance parameters.

B Tier | Rust Weapons 

The B tier is the group of weapons where the player can make a decent impact on those around them. B tier is a bit less than A tier, but nevertheless, these weapons are still considered to be useful, especially if you know how to use them.

C Tier | Rust Weapons

C tier is only good for those who are facing lightly armored opponents. They deal much less damage than their counterparts mentioned above. Overall, these weapons can still deal some heavy damage to poorly equipped opponents and the average Rust enemy. 

Do not be fooled, although these weapons are made from some cheap material, many experienced players still use these weapons to cause major damage to opponents. Getting your hands on one of these, or even the Thompson, will keep you in safe hands for quite some time.

D Tier | Rust Weapons

Definitely better than nothing, although not going to probably protect you from much. These weapons are almost the worst (yes there are worse) and should be replaced as soon as possible.

If you have one of these, you are on the right path to better days, although do not rely on them to protect you for very long.

E Tier | Rust Weapons

Work as well as your fists, although makes you feel maybe a bit more protected… right? Maybe you and your group can put on a show as the ancient Mayan for other’s entertainment with these weapons.

How to Get S-Tier Weapons in Rust

Although it can be a bit difficult to gain good weapons in Rust, there are a few places that offer these weapons if you are brave enough to loot. Or you can use materials… but that can become tedious unless you are the craftsman type. 

How to Get Assault Rifle in Rust

The Assault Rifle is quite easy to achieve once you have the materials to craft it (if you haven’t died in the meantime. In order to craft the Assault Rifle you must use:

  • 50 High-Quality Metal
  • 200 Wood
  • Rifle Body
  • 4 Metal Spring

If you would like to retrieve one already crafted in-game, some places can be:

  • APC Crate
  • Locked Crate
  • Oil Rig Locked Crate
  • Helicopter Crate
  • Heavy Scientist
  • Elite Tier Crate

How to Get M249 in Rust

The most powerful weapon in rust can only be found in two places. This gun cannot be crafted and is a rarity to come across. If you own one of these, nobody will bad-talk you ever again (they will be dead). 

You can find the M249 in these places:

  • APC Crate
  • Helicopter Crate

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