Top 4 Free Multiplayer Games You Can Play Right Now

Top 4 Free Multiplayer Games You Can Play Right Now

Sometimes, games can be very fun to play alone. However, some of the best gaming experiences come from a gaming moment that you share with other people as well.

However, there are a lot of games in the market which can be more frustrating than fun. I compiled a list of some of the most fun games I’ve played this year. The best part? All games in this list are free-to-play. So, let’s take a look at some of the games that are going to get you hooked this year.

The Finals

The Finals
  • Release Date: December 7, 2023
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows

The Finals is the one game that stood out to me this year. On the surface, the game seems like just another first-person shooter in the sea of many uninspired titles.

However, it sets itself apart by featuring a mind-blowing environmental destruction system. The base mode is a squad-based gameshow-like arena where you and two other teams compete for virtual cash prizes.

The weapons and gadgets have a solid variety but unlocking them by earning in-game cash is a dragged-out experience that started to feel a bit tedious. The Finals also has a battle pass system that contains a lot of cosmetic items that you can’t unlock without spending money.

Currently, I couldn’t help but feel that that game is a bit shallow currently. That certainly doesn’t mean the game is boring. But, I hope Embark Studios plans to add more maps, classes, and game modes in future seasons.

Whether you’re playing with friends or gunning solo, you’re going to enjoy this game if you’re a fan of FPS.

What I LikedWhat I Disliked
Environmental Destruction Is AmazingLack of Modes
Thrilling Chaotic CombatCurrent Balancing Issues
Variety of GadgetsServer Issues
Costs $0


  • Release Date: June 2, 2020
  • Genre: Tactical First-Person Shooter
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Since its release, Valorant has captured the attention of many tactical FPS fans. The game is a blend of Counter-Strike’s tactical shooter mechanics and the team-based strategic gameplay of Overwatch.

The game feels more like a match of chess sometimes than a shooter because of its need for precise movement and great ability timing. One match can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes which can often feel quite long. The answer to this is a faster-paced Spike Rush mode which lasts eight to 12 minutes.

Although Valorant can be very fun to play alone sometimes, I recommend playing it with people you know, especially if you’re a beginner.

The game requires a lot of skill and having the best hardware will already win half the game. Make sure you have a PC with at least the recommended specs and a great internet connection. I tested out various internet service providers in my area but found that Spectrum offered the best experience as it didn’t stutter or cause any lags during gameplay.

The game gets constant updates as they balance out abilities and weapons, all while adding new content to the game. So, make sure you have fast internet with no data caps so you can download the updates without any worry.

What I LikedWhat I Disliked
Amazing GunplayHigh Difficulty for Beginners
Variety of Characters to ChooseCharacters Don’t Have Personality
Each Character Has the Same WeaponsBland Visuals
Runs on Most Hardware


  • Release Date: July 21, 2017
  • Genre: Battle Royale / Sandbox Game
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Nintendo Switch

Fortnite seemingly took the world by storm overnight when its battle royale mode was released in 2017. Since then, it has added a lot of new content to the game. 

The best addition in my eyes is the Zero Build mode which removed the one thing that separated Fortnite from the rest – its building mode. As a result, I found that winning a game felt much more meaningful than before.

Not only that, Epic Games has added other new modes like Rocket Racing which takes elements from Rocket League. The Fortnite Festival mode takes elements from Guitar Hero. Lego Fortnite, my personal favorite, is an entirely new survival-crafting game similar to Minecraft.

The game is still going strong after seven years and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

What I LikedWhat I Disliked
Engaging GameplayUpdates Don’t Change Much
Regular UpdatesHigher Learning Curve
Cross-PlatformGameplay Loop Can Get Boring
In-Depth Creative Mode

Rocket League

Rocket League
  • Release Date: July 7, 2015
  • Genre: Vehicular Soccer
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, GeForce Now

There aren’t a lot of good free multiplayer car games. And Konami’s free eFootball failed miserably at launch. Funnily enough, Rocket League combines aspects from both genres and creates a game that is so engaging that it doesn’t need a ton of other things to be successful.

Although the concept and gameplay may look a bit simple to you at first, don’t let this fool you into thinking that the game lacks depth. The game is very easy to pick up, but extremely hard to master.

Rocket League has a lot of spin-off modes like Dropshot, Rumble, Hoops, and Snow Day which provide their twist on some classic sports. All game modes can be played in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 matches. 

Rocket League is a colorfully absurd game about sports playing cars, best for people of all ages. Now is the best time to play it since it went free-to-play in 2020.

What I LikedWhat I Disliked
Great ControlsUnreliable Servers
Free to PlayMediocre AI
Bite-Sized Fast Paced Matches

In short,

Gaming with your friends has never been more accessible or diverse. Whether you’re fighting in collapsing buildings, doing aerial maneuvers in a car, or having build-battles, there is something you can play, no matter your choice.

So, do you agree with my list? Feel free to leave your choices in the comments below.

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