Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolution Guide

Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolution

Vampire Survivors is a shoot-em-up game. This game requires patience and strong reflexes. It was published and released last December 2021. The game is very new and still growing. Vampire Survivors surprisingly became popular instantly, maybe because of the graphics of the game or because of the thrill that you will most definitely die every game. We have different reasons why we play this game and somewhat become addicted to it. But, most importantly, we are enjoying ourselves and we want to survive. 

Vampire Survivors have 36 heroes or characters, and each hero has a different starting weapon. These starting weapons are default just like their passives. Each weapon has a different unique set of abilities. It can help you to survive and live longer in the game, but as you play the game longer, you will need a stronger weapon and an additional ability per weapon you use. Players can’t stick with their starting weapon and survive as they level up, players should know that every weapon can evolve. 

Weapons in Vampire Survivors are the main key to survival in this game. Without the hero’s weapons, players can’t last long by just relying on the hero’s passive. It would be best if you learned how to evolve weapons and their right corresponding build. 

Before playing the game, you must remember to level up first your starting weapon to its max level. Gather all linked items once it appears on your screen, you will find these linked items on your level-up side of the screen. Kill all monsters, especially an elite one. These kinds of monsters leave behind a chest once you kill them, collect the chest and open it. 

There are a lot of weapons in Vampire Survivors and different evolutions for weapons. Sadly, there are a handful of slots per weapon and linked items. Do not worry about picking the wrong weapons or linked items, this article will guide you and will make sure that you will survive. We will also provide the best builds and evolution of weapons in Vampire Survivors. Let’s start with the list of possible weapon evolutions.

What is Evolution in Vampire Survivors?

Evolution in Vampire Survivors

Just like in Pokemon or Digimon, when monsters evolve they can become stronger and reach their full strength. An Evolution is a part of the game that can transform your starting weapons into much stronger weapons that are more efficient and can last long. You will need a linked item to make these transformations on weapons. 

The majority of the numbers from the base weapon are typically carried over into evolved weapons along with additional effects. Area of effect, or AOE, weapons can also increase in area. Damage per second or DPS weapons may also increase in damage. These are just some examples of why you need to evolve your starting weapons.

List of Weapon Evolutions in Vampire Survivors

Starting WeaponItemEvolved Weapon
axecandelabradordeath spiral
crosscloverheaven sword
fire wandspinachhellfire
garlicpummarolasoul eater
gatti amaristone maskvicious hunger
king biblespellbinderunholy vesper
knifebracerthousand edge
lighting ringduplicatorthunder loop
magic wandempty tomeholy wand
pentagramcrowngorgeous moon
renutracerarmorno future
santa waterattractorbla borra
shadow pinionwingsvalkyrie turner
song of manaskull o'maniacmannaja
whiphollow heartbloody tear

The list contains the different evolved weapons in Vampire Survivors. Each evolved weapon corresponds to a different set of abilities. It has its own passive, not just a combined passive of the starting weapon plus the linked item. So what are the passive abilities of each evolved weapon? And how is it useful in the game? First, we start with the best-evolved weapons of Vampire Survivors.

Death Spiral

Death Spiral in Vampire Survivors

Can be evolved using the axe and candleabrador. Axe is one of the weapons that are not good to use without upgrading it. On the other hand, Candlelabrador is a decent weapon and fits any character in the game. The evolved weapon, Death Spiral, has a huge advantage in AOE or Area Of Effect. 

Heaven Sword

You can get the Heaven Sword when you combine the cross and clover. Cross is a good weapon to start. With its massive crowd control and scaling, it is one of the best starting weapons in the game. It also has a good DPS or Damage Per Second skill. Clover is just a simple item in the game. Heaven Sword has the highest damage per the second item in the game and is an excellent weapon to use. 


Hellfire in Vampire Survivors Hellfire

Hellfire is one of the best weapons for Vampire Survivors. Hellfire is easy to use. It compliments beginners and it is a scaling weapon. You can have this item with a fire wand and spinach. Spinach can multiply damage dealt, and a fire wand is a good weapon alone. When combined, you can have the best weapon in the game.

Unholy Vespers

Is undoubtedly the best defense weapon for Vampire Survivors. Unholy Vespers is also a scaling weapon and has good damage. It outperforms other damage-per-second weapons. Although the weapon has limited upgrades, its evolution form is the best defensive weapon.

Holy Wand

Holy Wand in Vampire Survivors Hellfire

Empty tome plus a magic wand you will get Holy Wand. This weapon has a DPS of almost 70% for most other weapons. Empty tome alone is a great item but if you combine it with a magic wand, you will have a massive damage weapon. It also has wide crowd control which makes the evolved weapon great.

Bloody Tear

If you are a beginner this evolved weapon might help you out in getting better. Bloody tears have a good area of effect and damage per second. Although its DPS is only a single target, its area of effect is scaling and has good projectiles. Bloody tears can’t last long in the latter part of the game, its damage can become low but it is still decent. 

With the help of its linked item, the hollow heart, the weapon can add up a small percentage of your health points and it is very convenient to use if you have an adding health point while playing.

Thousand Edge

Evolved from combining knife and bracer. It has decent damage and a great scaling factor that can help you in the latter part of the game. Although the weapon itself cannot deal a lot of damage in the early game, be patient because you will be a monster in the late game. 

Valkyrie Turner

Valkyrie Turner in Vampire Survivors Hellfire

You can say that this is one of the best weapons in the game. You can get this evolved item when you combine wings and shadow pinion. Valkyrie turners can turn your spikes into hot flames. 

It also has a good area of effect and a decent amount of damage per second. Each strike can grow bigger and stronger plus it can also last long with high speed. 

Vampire Survivors also have evolved weapons that do not have high damage but are good in some areas like area of effect, crowd control, defense, damage per second, etc. These evolved weapons are still useful and effective when you play them right.

  • Soul Eater – can increase your damage while recovering your health points
  • Vicious Hunger – can help you earn much more gold
  • Thunder Loop – can double your projectile strikes
  • Gorgeous moon – can generate gems and can gather all gems around
  • No Future – can explode when bounced toward the target
  • La Borra – can make a damaging zone that follows you and can even grow when moving
  • Mannaja – can make enemies slow

Vampire Survivors have various weapons and have a unique set of passive and skills.

Even if you complete all the other requirements, keep in mind that chests in Vampire Survivors typically won’t be dropping evolved and upgraded weapons until after you’ve lived for 10 minutes. 

It’s also important to remember that the next chest you find will choose one of your ready-to-evolve weapons at random if you already have multiple items available. 


The evolution of weapons plays a huge role in Vampire Survivors. You can last longer, deal a lot of damage, have a great area of control, strong crowd control, and many more. There are various weapons and items in the game that can be used as offense and can play defense. In Vampire Survivors there is also what we call, Union. 

Union is like evolution, you will combine two weapons just like in evolution but after uniting the two weapons, there will be an empty slot in your weapon list. There are also Gifts in Vampire Survivors. Gifts can function as an extra weapon or linked item. The good thing about Gifts, they will not replace your starting weapon and cannot interfere with the skills and passive of your weapon. 

Now you know all about the weapons and their use, you are now ready to play Vampire Survivors. Remember to be patient and do not rush things in evolving your weapons. There are certain minutes that you have to follow before you can evolve your starting weapons. Enjoy the game and always remember, to survive the game.

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