Honkai Star Rail Tingyun Build Guide 2023

Honkai Star Rail Tingyun Build

Tingyun Rating and Info

Rarity: ★★★★
Element: Lightning
Path: Harmony
Specialties: Support
Affiliation: Xianzhou Luofu
Tier List Rating: B

Stats Lvl 80

HP: 846
ATK: 529
DEF: 396
Speed: 112
Crit Rate: 5%
Crit. DMG: 50%

Best Tingyun Builds

Tingyun is a strong 4-star Lightning character in Honkai Star Rail. Tingyun can be built in a variety of ways, but most players use her as a Support. She has the Harmony Path, which allows her to buff characters in the team. What is great about her is that she will buff the damage that your team is doing and increase energy regeneration which is great. Tingyun is an B-tier character in Honkai Star Rail.

We will update this guide with more information when the game officially releases. If you want to see how well Tingyun performs compared to other characters, you can check out the Honkai Star Rail Tier list. Also, remember to redeem all Honkai Star Rail codes, which will grant you some fantastic items. 

Best Tingyun Light Cone

The Battle Isn’t Over

Increases the wearer’s Energy Restoration Rate by 16% and restores 1 Skill Point whenever the wearer uses Ultimate on a target ally. This effect can only trigger once per turn. If the wearer uses Skill on a target ally, restores 10% Energy to the target.

Best Tingyun Relics

Band of Sizzling Thunder

(2) Increases Lightning DMG by 12%.
(4) Enemy receives 40% more Shock DMG from the wearer. The wearer deals 18% more DMG to enemies inflicted with Shock.
(5) Increases Lightning DMG by 12%.

Tingyun Skills

Dislodged: Normal Attack

Single ATK
Tingyun deals Lightning DMG equal to 50/100/110% of her ATK to a single enemy.

Soothing Melody: Skill

Increases the ATK of a single ally by 25/50/55%, up to a value no greater than 15/25/27% of Tingyun’s current ATK and Blesses the ally. The Blessed ally deals additional Lightning DMG equal to 20/40/44% of their ATK when hitting enemies for 3 turns. Bless is only effective on the most recent receiver of Tingyun’s Skill.

Ritual of the Auspicious Cloud: Ultimate

Regenerates 50 Energy for a target ally and increases the target’s DMG by 20/60/68% for 3 turn(s).

Tingyun Talent and Technique

Violet Sharknado: Talent

Upon hitting the enemy, Tingyun deals extra Lightning DMG equal to 30/60/66% of the ATK of the Blessed character.

Gentle Breeze: Technique

Tingyun immediately regenerates 50 Energy upon using her Technique.

Tingyun Eidolon

Level 1: Windfall of Lucky Springs

The Blessed ally’s SPD increases by 20% for 1 turn after using their Ultimate.

Level 2: A Grateful Beneficiary

The Blessed ally regenerates 10 Energy after defeating an enemy. This effect can only be triggered once per turn.

Level 3: Gift of the Old Verdant Home

Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.

Level 4: Jovial Versatility

DMG multiplier of Bless increases by 20%.

Level 5: Sauntering Coquette

Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1. up to a maximum of Lv. 10.

Level 6: Peace Brings Wealth to All

The Energy regenerated by Tingyun’s Ultimate for the target ally increases by 10.

Tingyun Story

A silver-tongued Foxian girl, Tingyun is the Head Representative of the Whistling Flames, a merchant guild officially approved by the Sky-Faring Commission. She has such a way with words that often leaves her audience eagerly waiting for more of her captivating tales. As a result of her supervision, the Xianzhou trade fairs are now known throughout the galaxy. “Try one’s best to avoid conflict when possible, and persuade those who can be persuaded” — that’s Tingyun’s motto.

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