Does Hunt Showdown Have Crossplay?

Does Hunt Showdown Have Crossplay

But, before we get into the crossplay feature in Hunt: Showdown, let us first explain the game: Hunt: Showdown is a game set in 1895. You’re on the hunt for monsters, as well as other players if they get in your way. As a monster hunter, you’ll be punished heavily for dying but rewarded for killing other monsters/players. It’s also a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat, thanks to its grim atmosphere and creepy soundtrack.

There are many disturbing bosses that you’ll have to deal with, either by cooperating with your friends or by taking them down solo. It’s essential to look up what abilities each boss has before you get your head stomped in by one of them. Remember that other players may be interested in your gear, giving you even more reason to be concerned.

You also have a long list of casual weapons that deal different amounts of damage, as well as legendary weapons that are overall better. Be careful, once you die, you’re going to lose your stuff permanently. 

What’s the crossplay function?

What’s the crossplay function

In simple terms, it enables players to play together while playing on different video game platforms (XBOX, PS5, PC, etc). It’s also why some video games have large communities and remain relevant for longer periods, though crossplay is sometimes known for controversy because it allows other players from different platforms to gain an advantage. 

You wouldn’t want to play a multiplayer CoD match as a console gamer against a PC gamer, who’s equipped with a high-sensitivity mouse? You wouldn’t, it would be just plain unfair!


Is Hunt: Showdown crossplay compatible between these two platforms? It’s possible to play with your friends on both of these platforms, though there have been some reports of players with different gaming platforms being unable to start lobbies together.  You need to keep in mind that crossplay in Hunt: Showdown is a work in progress and we might see some changes in the future. 


Playing between these two platforms is not available. It would be pretty unfair for console players to play against the almighty PC race in a game such as Hunt: Showdown and to be blunt, it will probably stay this way as well. 


I have some very good news for you. Crossplay is not available between these two gaming platforms just as well. Come on, man – think about all the salt that would accumulate from the console players!


Is crossplay available between these two consoles – it is possible to play with your friends on both of these platforms. The controls are pretty similar between these two consoles and it’ll make you find games quicker!

Xbox 1&PS5

Hunt: Showdown supports crossplay between both of these platforms, so feel free to play with your buddies whenever you want. The same thing applies to Xbox X/S, meaning that it’s crossplay-friendly with PS5 too. 


Crossplay is not available between these platforms. You won’t be able to start lobbies or invite friends into your game and it’s only up to Crytek for this to change in future updates but don’t get your hopes up!

Commonly asked questions:

1. Why is Hunt: Showdown not very crossplay friendly?

Answer: It has to do with the game itself – it’s very competitive and controls differ heavily between consoles and PCs. Allowing crossplay between these two platforms could spark a little outrage, as it would generate an advantage for one group of players and handicap the other one. 

Still, just because a crossover like this doesn’t seem likely today, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be available in the future. Hunt: Showdown is a relatively successful game, it would attract even more players if it allowed players to play together from different gaming platforms, so we shouldn’t scratch this option off the list.

2. Will future updates make cross-platform possible?

Answer: For the time being, only console players (PS4+PS5, Xbox 1+PS4/PS5) will be able to play together. In the future, we might be able to get an update where PC players get to play with or against console players, although many things would have to change for that to happen. 

3. Why is crossplay such a big thing in gaming?

Answer: Take a look at a game like Minecraft. It’s extremely crossplay-friendly, as it allows mobile, Xbox, PC, PS, and Nintendo Switch users to play together a good old game of Minecraft. That’s one of the primary reasons why Minecraft has such a high player count. Even after a decade.

4. Should I start playing Hunt: Showdown?

Answer: Of course. Hunt: Showdown deserves far more attention than it got for the past 4 years but the reason for that could be that this game is not meant for casual players. Dying can be frustrating in this game and playing without friends leaves you vulnerable not only to other bosses but hostile players as well. 

Nonetheless, the game is entertaining and satisfying. It might have a steep learning curve but with enough time you’ll learn and become good at the game.

In summary:

Hunt: Showdown is a crossplay game but only when it affects specific consoles. Crytek didn’t make any mentions recently of making it possible for PC&console players to play Hunt: Showdown together, although it might be possible in future updates.

We tried to explain as clearly as possible what crossplay is and did a quick introduction to the bizarre world of Hunt: Showdown and what you can expect from that hell of a game.

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