Minecraft Bat Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Bat Guide

In Minecraft, a certain group of mobs are neither passive nor hostile to the player. Instead, they serve more as decoration pieces for the biomes, affording a far more lively appearance to the areas they are found in. Bats are one of these, with their small swarms constantly making odd sounds. Let’s see how they appear and what these bats do in an overview of Minecraft bat mob.


The bat is an ambient mob found in Minecraft. There are a lot of such mobs that the player can find throughout the world. Depending on the biome we reside in, the type of ambient mob most common to the area also changes. Of course, the same goes for bats.

Bats fly around in swarms. The swarming behavior makes them a bit bothersome in terms of movement. The bat can end up flying past canopies and disturbing our overall exploration a bit. However, their standard spawns usually require a bit of extra darkness.

Bat Behavior

Minecraft bat spawns where there’s a light level of 3 or fewer. These bats also require two air blocks to end up spawning. Of course, the overall spawn will still depend on the brightness of the area, but the conditions bats find favorable will most often be found in caves.

Like their real-life counterparts, Bats hang upside down while sticking to the blocks found on the ceiling. These blocks must be solid, or the bat won’t hang off them. Approaching a bat that is hanging in this manner will result in them flying away immediately. This will happen even if the player is invisible.

Bats are not too difficult to spot, considering their erratic flying and black color. If that isn’t enough, the bat will reveal itself by squeaking randomly. Considering the way they fly, though, we’ll likely spot them immediately as they fly aimlessly about.

This ambient mob, as with all others, despawns when not within the player’s line of sight. This despawn happens because the mob serves no purpose when not within reach. It also saves the overall resources the game would use, optimizing the way it runs.

Even when within sight, bats cannot do too much. In fact, it’s possible for these animals to accidentally end up dying by flying into lava blocks on accident. At worst, they could transfer the burning effect by touching the lava block and then achieving contact with the player, but this will be difficult to do. This situation’s low health and rarity make it more of a potential hassle than a danger.

Bat Attacks

A bat has no attacks. It is an ambient mob and, as such cannot harm the player. In fact, the bats can’t even collide with the player as they do not possess collision boxes.

Bat Drops

Minecraft Bats won’t drop items if killed. While they have health and can die, sometimes by accident, there is no purpose to killing them.

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