Minecraft Bee Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Bee Guide

Even the most standard animals can get unique treatment when coded into Minecraft. Their effect on the world and even appearance are similar to creatures we know in real life but, when translated to game mechanics, it becomes far more engaging to play around. Bees achieve this by using a few unique behaviors that make them both interesting to face and useful to tame. Hence why we’ll cover them in this overview of a Minecraft bee.


Neutral mobs in Minecraft aren’t nonexistent but are rarer than hostile or passive ones. Bees are one of those. They are also flying mobs that can navigate about the difficult places that are usually troublesome to mobs without the ability to fly. Bees gather around beehives and bee nests, attacking any mob that provokes them.

Biomes that bees can show up in include meadows, plains, sunflower plains, mangrove swamps, flower forests, forests, birch forests, and old growth birch forests. These biomes have different chances of spawning bees, but the mob is still present.

These mobs will spawn out of bee nests. A bee nest will also have a 5% chance on trees that spawn from saplings that are close to flowers. These nests have 1 to 3 bees in them instead of standard 3.

Bee Behavior

While bees technically fly in Minecraft , at least they are classified as flying mobs, they do not act the same way as other flying mobs. Instead, they hover above the ground similarly to bats or parrots, allowing them different movement. These mobs may also take damage from water in Java Edition, but the Bedrock Edition removes this weakness. Still, it’s worth keeping in mind if we ever have them near the water.

A bee rarely goes farther away than 22 blocks from a beehive. They will seek flowers to pollinate, or if a dangerous mob is nearby, they’ll attack them. The bee can breach this range but rarely feels the need to do so.

The process of pollinating a flower includes a bee that will circle the said plant for about 30 seconds. Once the time is up, the bee will change appearance, its texture showcasing pollen spots on its back. The particles will fertilize plants within 3 blocks of the bee as it flies back to the hive.

Bee Attacks

Minecraft Bees have a single way of attacking, this being their sting. Usually, bees will prefer not to mess with most of the mobs or the players, but should they be provoked, they will turn hostile. Players can do this by attacking any bees or collecting honey from the nest. Aggressive behavior will also happen if the player destroys any beehive.

All bees will get angered if any of these situations occur, regardless of the triggering factor. The entities attacked by the bee take 2 damage on normal difficulty. This isn’t much, even when multiple bees are about, but there’s a second effect to the attack. That being venom which will inflict the Poison status on the target, which deals 1 damage every 1.25 seconds for 10 seconds. The bee will die a minute after losing its sting, just like real world bees dying soon after stinging somebody.

Bee Drops

Bee drops no items in Minecraft. Instead, they drop 1 to 3 orbs of experience when killed or 1 to 7 if the player succeeds in breeding two bees together.

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