Best Minecraft Cave Seeds Java and Bedrock

Best Minecraft Cave Seeds Java and Bedrock

Caves are some of the best phenomena in Minecraft. They are not only a mystery but also wondering if you find the proper layout or something absolutely gigantic! Below we have put together some of the best Minecraft cave seeds that can help you experience Minecraft caves in a much more exciting and thrilling way. Let’s take a look!

Minecraft Cave Seeds

SeedSeed IDVersion
Seed 17180157851369889166Java
Seed 2-992714597311471801Java
Seed 3-3212841254549877385Java
Seed 43106201896040453284Java
Seed 5-1597699456Bedrock
Seed 6-2395316354623700247Bedrock
Seed 7-645644363236967887Bedrock
Seed 8-4909791828733745509Bedrock
Seed 9602822655239949058Java
Seed 105735516045003665260Java
Seed 11-1594961952

Seed 12-6709148406763899126Bedrock

Java Edition Cave Seeds in Minecraft (1.19)

Java Edition has some pretty great cave seeds in Minecraft that are worth taking a look. Below are some of the best options!

Jungle Cave Exploration

Seed: 7180157851369889166

Cave: x = 105, y = 10, x = 788

This is a great seed for a very large cave location inside of a jungle biome. Be careful when you are digging for this one, as you could fall into the darkness and never return. Although enjoy the dripstone as you make your way down. Thi sis a great adventure site or just for mining!

Mini Farlands

Seed: -992714597311471801

Cave: x = 254, y = 10, z = -336

The Farlands which is a deleted Minecraft biome was generated in this beautiful world near the end of the map. With small biomes and extremely tall cliffs, you are hidden from the treasures that await you down below in the dozens of lush caves that are waiting to be discovered.

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The Cavern in the Deep

Seed: -3212841254549877385

Cave: x = 33, y = -1, z = 9

One of our favorites, this cave located deep inside the Minecraft world is a hidden treasure for many cave lovers. With amazing dripstone placement and a seemingly huge area to explore, this stands out as a great cave in Minecraft. Along with also a great seed offering a village, ruined portal, and an illager tower!

Old Growth and Old Cave

Seed: 3106201896040453284

Cave: x = -30, y = 106

This cave is great for beginning a mining adventure below. Beginning at the surface of the world, this cave offers many great looting opportunities and plenty o scary mobs as well. So be careful, and bring a sword!

Bedrock Edition Cave Seeds in Miencraft (1.19)

Bedrock has many great seeds along with Java, even though it may not be deemed as possible! Below are some of the best seeds for Minecraft caves that we believe are a must to check out!

Instant Cave Seed

Seed: -1597699456

Cave: x = 17, y = 93, z = 15

This is the best cave option for any bedrock player. From Bedrock’s developer-provided seed this location is full of flush caves as soon as you spawn into the world. Look left and look right you will see multiple caves full of great looting and mining opportunities! Along with being super close to all of the different biomes offering wood of all kinds as soon as you get going. 

The Cavern Below Seed

Seed: -2395316354623700247

Cave:  x = -7, y = 22

One of the biggest caves provided by bedrock developers, with an entire plains biome above it! This is a great location for starters, especially for those new to Minecraft who want to really experience some great mining space! If it was us, we would definitely make a home down here, and maybe grows a few trees after placing some grassy blocks!

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Jungle Drip Seed

Seed: -645644363236967887

Cave: x = 36, y = -38

The jungle drip cave seed is located just below a jungle, with many secrets inside. Definitely one of the most difficult to navigate for the lack of foot space. Although, this would be a fantastic adventuring location for the bravest crafters willing to face some dangerous dripstone spikes.

Watery Cave Seed

Seed: -4909791828733745509

Cave: 204, -52

For our last cave seed, this one is pleasantly located under a huge mountain with dripstone and dangerous waterflow that will take you down into a deep and dark cavern. This is a great space for a hideout or somewhere to store your deepest and darkest secrets!

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed our opinion on the best cave seeds in Minecraft! Although the versions are always updating, these were some of the best options for those looking for specific cave designs or locations to set up the ultimate cave mining experience. 

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