Best Enchantments For Elytra In Minecraft

Best Enchantments For Elytra In Minecraft

One of the most intriguing things you can find in Minecraft is an Elytra. It’s also one of the most difficult to obtain because you need to pass through an ender portal, which is difficult in and of itself. It enables you to glide, and if you make some fireworks and use them while you’re in the air, you can increase your altitude even further.

How many enchantments are there For Elytra?

There are 4 enchantments in total that you can put on the Elytra. The other half is incredibly good, while the other half is total and utter garbage. We’ll distinguish between the good and bad ones, describe how they work, and discuss why they’re fantastic. So without further ado, here we go.

What Are The Best Elytra Enchantments In Minecraft

Curse of Vanishing

I believe that everyone knows what Curse of Vanishing enchantment does but I’ll explain what it does anyways – It makes your Elytra disappear after you pass away. Due to fall damage, stalling, and other possible scenarios, while using the Elytra, it is quite easy to die while wearing this item. DO NOT get this enchantment – it will ruin your day and make you cry for days on end!

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The level of this enchantment is I. 

Curse of Binding

Curse of Binding enchantment makes it impossible for you to remove Elytra from your inventory. It becomes a problem when you’re wandering through hazardous areas like lava pools, The Nether, and other locations where dying might result in the destruction of your Elytra wings. Another annoying, completely useless enchantment!

Mending Enchantments For Elytra

Mending Enchantments For Elytra

You can use Mending enchantment to repair Elytra by gathering experience orbs. Due to the requirement for Phantom Membrane or another set of Elytra wings, Elytra is a very difficult item to repair, making this an extremely useful enchantment to have. 

The experience orbs might not be converted into durability if you have any other items with the Mending enchantment on. If it’s still not working, keep your Elytra in the off-hand while you kill some enemies, go fishing, or engage in any other activity that would earn you experience points.

The maximum level for this enchantment is I.

Unbreaking Enchantments For Elytra

Unbreaking Enchantments For Elytra

A fantastic enchantment for your Elytra wings because Unbreaking makes them more durable and extends their lifespan, allowing you to fly for longer. If you’re wondering for how long, check it out here:

  • Default durability of Elytra: 433 points
  • Durability with Unbreaking I: 864 points – 14 minutes, 20 seconds of flying
  • Durability with Unbreaking II: 1296 points – 21 minutes, 30 seconds
  • Durability with Unbreaking III: 1728 points – 28 minutes, 40 seconds 

You’ll be able to travel more than 40,000 blocks in a single flight with maximum durability+Unbreaking III. Handsdown, the greatest enchantment that you can get on your Elytra!

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Frequently asked questions about Elytra

How do you repair Elytra?

This is unfortunately not an easy task. You’ll need to either not sleep for a few days and wait for Phantoms to strike you from the skies, kill them and loot them for Phantom Membranes. After that, you can fix your Elytra with the anvil. You could also combine two Elytras as a second option, although Elytra is one of the hardest items to find in the game. 

How does Mending work?

It converts experience orbs into durability points for your Elytra, as well as other items.

Where can you find Elytra?

You must locate the “End City” by passing through the End Portal. A pink structure with two chests and Elytra wings should be present after some traveling. It’s not an easy task and you’ll need to bring plenty of dirt blocks with you to get past the void!

Can I fly faster with Elytra?

Yes. You need to craft fireworks and use them during the flight. The recipe is easy, as you only need gunpowder+paper. 

Do I take fall damage while using Elytra?

Yes, you take plenty of damage. You can use the slow falling potion or just spin around to decrease your speed, then try to slowly descend towards the ground. It’s not that hard and relatively easy to learn!

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