Best Food in Minecraft 2024

Best Food in Minecraft

Minecraft has emerged as one of the most popular cross-platform video games. This sandbox survival game ensures you remain at the edge of your seat as you navigate the experience. One of the most crucial elements of this video game is food. The norm suggests that hunger and lack of access to food can cause your character to die due to starvation. 

Minecraft carries various game modes, from easy, the first stage, to hardcore, the last stage. Additionally, since there are so many game modes, each mode requires a different energy level. Therefore, the food within the game provides this energy. Overall, there are over 40 types of food items within Minecraft. Therefore, finding the ideal item for food becomes extensively challenging sometimes.

Thus, to help you navigate the array of food items available, we’ve compiled a list of the best foods in Minecraft. This will help you remain aware of how you could increase your character’s lifespan and have him survive the tough video game life.

However, before diving into details regarding the best food items in Minecraft, it’s important to mention two crucial bars within the game. These include the saturation and hunger bar, and each plays an integral role in prolonging your character’s survival during the game.

The hunger bar, as denoted by its name, represents your character or player’s hunger. It’s important to keep this bar filled as much as possible because the less it fills up, the hungrier your player will be. On the other hand, the saturation bar is integral to prolonging the player’s survival despite being hidden from the player himself. This bar has a total scale of almost 20 points. The more this fills up, the longer your player will be capable of running without having access to food.

Top Foods Available in Minecraft

Now that you’re aware of how the hunger system works within Minecraft let’s look into the details of the various forms of mouth-watering and energy-providing foods available.

Golden Apples

Golden Apples

One of the greatest delicacies in the Minecraft game is the golden apple. Making it to the top of our list, this food item is highly nutritional for the player and contributes immensely to the bars. Moreover, on the hunger gauge, it adds 4 points, while on the saturation bar, it adds 9.6 points. Moreover, within the game, there are also magical golden apples that can only be discovered in chests scattered throughout the gameplay. The horses may also be offered these magical apples.


Who doesn’t like a steak, right? Well, the steak available in Minecraft won’t only ease the player’s hunger but will also tickle their taste buds. Steak is among the finest foods for starters since it is quite simple to obtain if you own a cow farm. Preparing a raw beef chunk will produce a steak. It is also among the finest dishes in the game since it replenishes the hunger meter by a whopping 8 points and the saturation bar by 12.8 points.

Golden Carrot

Golden Carrot Minecraft

Is it always good to consume vegetables right? Well, take the names of these food items literally. They are wonderful for sustaining your player. The golden carrot is a favorite meal among experienced Minecraft players. Although it costs a little more than other foods in the game, it gives you 6 hunger points plus 14.4 saturation points. Golden carrot is simple to obtain if you own a gold farm. Horse breeding is another use for this golden carrot meal.


Regardless of the food, you may navigate, bread remains eternally sought out. The case is no different within Minecraft. Creating a large wheat farm is relatively simple, and wheat is the only component needed to make bread. In the Minecraft game, bread is a dependable food source. Bread will help to recover 6 saturation points plus 5 hunger points on the saturation and hunger bars, respectively.

Baked Potatoes

Baked Potatoes Minecraft

Sometimes you want to eat foods that may not necessarily provide nutrition but are enough to take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride. Minecraft’s baked potatoes are not an exception. Although baked potatoes don’t provide you with many hunger or saturation points within the Minecraft game, they are still one of the tastiest foods. However, the game has cooked potatoes that are simple to find. Its superiority as a food item in the game is due to this. Baked potatoes add 6 saturation points and 5 hunger points to the saturation and hunger bars, respectively.

Suspicious Stew

This is one of the sneaky dishes within the Minecraft universe, as denoted by the name itself. In the Minecraft video game, Suspicious Stew is a special dish that replenishes 7.2 points on the saturation gauge and 6 points on the hunger bar. You may buy this meal by bartering with an expert-level villager or pumping brown mushrooms. Additionally, It could also be discovered in a shipwreck.

Rabbit Stew

Stew is one of the best and most wholesome dishes out there. However, when you add Rabbit to the mix, you set yourself up for energy and taste. Therefore, rabbit stew is another tasty and almost mouth-watering cuisine option in the game. Each serving of rabbit stew replenishes five hunger bars and twelve saturation bars. This is one step forward compared to several foodstuffs in the Minecraft game.

Cooked Rabbit

Since it was initially included in the game, rabbit meat has been a well-liked meal in Minecraft. Rabbits may readily breed with carrots and reproduce in groups. Cooked rabbits recover 6 saturation points plus 2.5 hunger points.

Cooked Porkchops

Pork chops are some of your local family barbeque’s most sought food items. Well, they’re not an exception in the Minecraft universe. These are heavy contributors to energy within the game, making for one of the greatest foods in the game. It adds 8 hunger points with 12.8 saturation points to the hunger and saturation bars, respectively. Pigs are also relatively simple to obtain in the game, making them a more consistent food source. It is an excellent meal choice for new players.

Cooked Chicken

Simplicity has charm, and Minecraft’s cooked chicken is an example. One of the nicest dishes in the game of Minecraft is cooked chicken because it can be found easily and doesn’t need killing or cooking the animal. It adds 6 hunger points plus 7.2 saturation points to the hunger and saturation bars, respectively.


Therefore, if you wish to help your character navigate through the Minecraft video game with high energy levels, good nutrition, and good food in his system, you now have access to a range of food items available at his disposal. Regardless of your aim for your character, providing him with good food and nutrition will ensure that his lifespan gets extensively prolonged, helping you gain numerous XP points.

As you may have noticed, Minecraft’s variety of food items is no joke. Beyond this, many others seek to be fed to Minecraft players. Each food item brings with it a certain level of energy and deliciousness. However, despite so many food items being available on Minecraft, we chose the best ones for you for a quick addition to your saturation and hunger bars. Hence, increasing the chances for your player’s survival as the game deepens and intensifies.

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