Best Minecraft Lush Cave Seeds

Best Minecraft Lush Cave Seeds

Lush Caves are a new addition to Minecraft that every player looks forward to when playing in the more recent versions. Lush caves have many different mobs and plants that spawn inside, offering players some of the rarest finds, including the axolotl! Let’s take a look at some of the best Minecraft Lush Seeds that could optimize your experience in finding the best Lush Cave ever!

Spawn Woodland Mansion Seed in Minecraft

Seed: 26177172834397193

Woodland Mansion: X = 10, Y = 79, Z = 15

This location not only spawns directly underneath a woodland mansion with tons of loot including a secret room with a loot chest, but the lush cave underneath the woodland mansion is also massive. Spanning way beyond the woodland mansion this lush cave in Minecraft is definitely one of the best. It even includes an abandoned mineshaft located inside the Lush Cave. What a find!

Mesa Desert Temple Seed in Minecraft

Seed: 2049982255384436258

Mesa Temple: X = 0, Y = 78, Z = 0

This is a very unique Minecraft seed for Luch caves that are located in the Mesa biome. One of the rarest locations on a Minecraft map! Nevertheless amazing, the lush cave underneath does not disappoint spanning extremely large including also a mesa mineshaft. 

This is absolutely one of the best locations to spawn into with a village and a cave!

Jungle Temple Seed in Minecraft

Seed: 256423703783407616

Jungle Temple: X = 0, Y = 109, Z = 165

This Jungle temple features many great things including a chest behind the lever wall and another in the back of the temple. The best part is the lush cave that is underneath the Jungle temple. Beautiful natural pillars make the cave seem extremely elegant, along with having multiple levels to it adds great building technic.  

Desert Lush Cave Seed in Minecraft

Seed: 359162070282797056

Lush Cave: X = 0, Y = 22, Z = 0

Although there is a huge Mesa biome and village nearby, this is not the main focus. The lush cave is absolutely beautiful and the most massive lush cave we have covered so far. Being extremely deep and full of life, this is exactly what you would hope to find when searching for a lush cave. It also includes extremely tall waterfalls, pillars, levels, and much more than anyone who wants while searching for a cave like this!

Massive Lush Cave Seed Between Biomes

Seed: -3179541336923570176

Lush Cave: X = 20, Y = 27, Z = -25

One of our favorite lush cave seeds, this one is absolutely huge with plenty of space to adventure and create the ultimate hideout or underground village in a luscious cave sitting between two biomes. Full of creatures and useful material to create the ultimate liar!

Frozen Peaks Mountain Seed

Seed: -3986248620176310077

Lush Cave: x = -75, y = 95, x = 150

Our last but ultimately our favorite is the frozen peaks mountain lush cave seed. This lush cave is located underneath this massive circle of frozen mountain peaks which look quite magnificent with a dark forest in the center. This lush cave is just huge with another entrance also on the opposite side of the mountains, making it a really cool setting for a cave. 

Wrapping Up

Besides being some of our favorite lush caves, we hope you found these locations usedful for discovering your favorite lush cave to adventure. Although some like the surprise of a new world, exploring some of these seeds is definitely exciting to also venture and learn about new lush cave forms and secrets. 

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