Minecraft Cat Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Cat Guide

A couple of mobs in the game can be tamed and used as helpful creatures. The cats are one such which can help a lot against a few hostile mobs. They will stick around the place regardless, having a noticeable presence throughout the game. We will look deeper into it with this overview of the Minecraft cat.


Cat is a passive mob that the players can find throughout the biomes of Minecraft. Fulfilling a role of yet another potential mob a player can tame with a lead. The cats are somewhat small and have a distinct appearance. Villages and huts are most often places where cats can spawn, usually having multiples in each village.

These cats are untamed but can be tamed with little issue. Otherwise, they will simply go about the place, occasionally resting on beds and other places. There are quite a few differences in color between cats. These include:

  • Black cats with orange eyes
  • Silver cats with yellow eyes
  • Orange, white, and dark brown cat with yellow and blue eyes
  • Gray and white cat with gray-green eyes
  • Creamy colored cat with blue eyes and flat faces emulating a persian
  • White and soft amber cat with blue eyes
  • Orange and white cat with green eyes
  • White and pale brown cat with blue eyes
  • Brown and white cat with yellow eyes
  • Black and white cat with green eyes
  • White cat with light blue or yellow eyes

Although ocelots use the same model, they are bigger, which is why they don’t count as cats directly.

Cat Behavior

Minecraft Cats will walk near the villages, chasing after chickens, rabbits, and baby turtles. They won’t go for too long of a distance but will still pursue these if possible. Cats can also explore further away from villages, so this search range may change.

The cats will run away from players usually. This goes for every cat color, but it can be changed. The cat can be lured in with raw fish if you are within 10 blocks of it. They will run away at 7, so be careful when trying it out. Feeding a cat will allow the player to tame them over a bit of time.

Cats are also completely immune to fall damage. Although they’ll rarely fall, cats will climb all over high blocks and areas without a care in the world. Their pathfinding avoids potential falls too.

Additionally, cats have unique interactions with Creepers and Phantoms. These mobs will be scared away by a cat, making them keep their distance away from the cats. Sticking close to one could make a Creeper incapable of detonating, as it won’t get within range to start the countdown. Should the detonation already begin, a cat cannot stop it.

Lastly, cats can leave gifts for the player if the two sleep near each other. This can be only triggered during the night and has a 70% chance of occurring. When it does, a at will leave one of the following items with the player:

  • Rabbit’s foot
  • Rabbit hide
  • String
  • Rotten flesh
  • Feather
  • Raw chicken
  • Phantom membrane

Cat Attacks

Cats can only attack chickens, rabbits, and baby turtles. If this attack connects, the other mob takes 3 damage no matter the age of the cat.

Cat Drops

Cats drop up to 2 pieces of string when killed in Minecraft. Other than this item, the only thing they drop is a bit of experience.

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